Obsession over phone numbers and text game

When it comes to dating and relationships, the phone number, text game and correspondence tactics is a pretty big deal to men and they spend time thinking about dating tactics. Unfortunately for women, texting has literally overtaken phone calls as the most common dating communication medium. There are plenty of men who literally run their relationships on text and will never ever call you unless you ask them to! Here are a few communication tips for men and women.

Girl flakes

If you are a man, you’ll meet women who give you their phone number claiming they want to see you, but then you call and they never return your phone call. That’s no fun at all, so its definitely a good thing phone rejection is a thing of the past. Nowadays you can just text her and text rejection is a lot easier to stomach. If you get girls that flake out on you rest assured its not your phone call or text call tactics that are the problem its that she just wasn’t that interested in you in the first place. If you text her to touch base and she doesn’t respond back that saves you from ever making the phone call at all.

These so called girl flakes make men go in mental circles over the whole should I call her, should I text her, and if so how long should I wait. Likewise, girls who like men who don’t call them are put in the awkward position of either chasing a man in high demand thereby acting just like a man. Some girls give up on men who won’t call them. They want someone who respects them enough to pick up the phone and use it. Who contacts whom is all a big game. It’s really easiest when the woman lets the man do the initiating. The bottom line is that if you like her and she likes you, the games are going to fall by the wayside. Texting or not texting doesn’t predict anything really and its more a matter of whether the two people genuinely like each other or not. Don’t be afraid of rejection and just contact her. When ensure, send out a text first as a feeler. If she responds positively, then call her!

Silly text tactics

Men get obsessed over text game because their goal is to get the girl as interested in them as possible and hopefully even chasing them so that they have dominance and control over the relationship. Men are just like women and they will play mind games such as waiting to text, texting sporadically, playing now I’ll respond now I won’t, baiting the girl leaving open ended texts, cutting off the text conversation mid stream to leave her hanging and wanting more, being unpredictable on text, acting constantly scarce and busy, and essentially doing anything they can think of. They want to make the girl attracted and act in such as way as to prevent a girl they are interested in from flaking out on them.

Women also get obsessed over text politics because their goal is usually to get a boyfriend. So women do things like wait until he texts her, and when he doesn’t text her then she texts him instead of calling him to pretend that she’s not pursuing the man when in fact she is pursuing him by texting. Women also might withhold attention, be unavailable for dates, or ignore a boyfriend that they are upset with. Women go through all of the little manipulative texting dating tips. They try things like waiting three days to contact or respond to him, never sending multiple texts in a row, and employ all of the other conniving tactics designed to make a guy totally addicted to them

Both men and women play the text game and after a while it becomes rather silly. In reality, the person likes you or they don‘t. And, the less texting you do in a relationship, the better off you usually are.

Text tactics don’t work

The bottom line is that if you are a man or a woman in the dating scene and you find yourself obsessing over text and phone strategies and lack of initiation or prompt responses, you have to assume that the person that you are obsessing over just does not like you enough. All the text games in the world are not going to work on anyone if they don’t like you enough. It is totally pointless in some sense to sit there and go in circles devising up a texting her or him strategy to gain their interest or make them miss you or value you more. Either the person likes you or they don’t and there is little you can do text wise to change it, which is why texting is a lot more useless than people understand. You think you can use texting to increase or decrease someone’s interest in you and it really doesn’t matter because its not the texting its whether they actually like you or not.

Stop dating people who are not interested in dating you

The best way to avoid all of the text games is to steer clear of the people that you feel are not truly interested in you. Here is where the phone and text game comes in pretty handy. If they aren‘t texting you and they aren‘t phoning you, then you can assume they aren‘t interested in you and not continue to pursue dating them. That saves time.

The best tip for a man is that you should only ask for a girls phone number if you really like her and want to see her and, if she seems to be genuinely attracted to you and interested in going out with you. If those two things are jiving, that you like her and you think she likes you, then the texting and phone call games are going to fall away. If you call or text her, you are going to get a response, no games.

The best tip for a woman is to only give you phone number to a man who seems genuinely interested in getting to know you. If you get the feeling they are only interested in a fling, don‘t engage with them. That will weed out the male flakes and get you the trust worthy phone callers that you want. If a man asks for your cell phone number yet you don’t have any interest in dating but feel forced to give out your number out of politeness, just don’t. Never give your phone number out unless you feel comfortable or you will regret it when they call and call you. Having to screen phone calls when someone you are not interested in keeps calling you is annoying. Ask for his cell number instead if need be and simply don’t call it. If he is pushy you can program his number into your cell phone and simply delete it later on.

Since cell phones have caller-id you want to be careful that you don’t give your cell phone number out even one time since then he will have it. It’s a nuisance to screen calls so try to avoid unnecessarily giving out your number to men you aren’t interested in. I personally don’t want to be jumping to the phone hoping its one man then getting disappointed when its somebody else whose call I have to screen out. Some women like to keep their cell phone busy with plenty of phone calls and beeping action and some women don’t.


Lack of interest or commitment portrays itself as excuses when it comes to text. Excuses as to why they can’t get together with you, canceling plans, not texting back, never initiating, waiting to text back, changing their mind and of course not responding at all. If an excuse is legitimate then fine but it won’t happen more than three times as that is just too much of a coincidence. Give the benefit of the doubt but have a three strikes and you are out policy so you don‘t get taken for granted, treated poorly or find yourself strung along.

If the interest level isn’t there, move on

Pursuing someone that really is not interested in you is exhausting. Not only that it leads to sub standard go nowhere relationships that are emotionally trying, time consuming and even hurtful. Friends with benefits, intimate encounters, flings, and all of those other half baked non relationships are really born out of two people who aren’t mutually interested in one another. What you wind up with is one person taking full advantage of that leverage, and the other person lowering their relationship standards and allowing themselves to get used.

To save yourself the headache and the heartache, move on if you perceive that the necessary interest level in the other person just isn’t there. If someone really likes you then they are going to clear space on their agenda to take the time to text you or phone call you. There will be no games. If they like you then they are going to find a way to get in touch with you and pretty much nothing is going to stop them. And if they are not getting in touch with you then they are just not that interested at which point you have to wonder why waste your time chasing them. And better yet, why subject yourself to the no man lands of go nowhere and imbalanced relationships where the interest level is off kilter and one person winds up using and discarding the other. Those sorts of relationships are so hurtful and dysfunctional.

If you are the man, then obviously she will want and expect you to do the initiating. That’s par for the course. To keep it simple just adopt a three strikes and you are out policy. If you try to phone her, initiate a text conversation, or make a date with her three times and she still acts flaky then opt out and forget it. She can’t be that interested and no amount of text gaming is going to alter her fundamental interest level in you. If she was interested she would definitely come through by try 1 and for sure by try 3.

If you are a woman and you are interested in a man and he texts you then come through for him right away by responding positively to his texts and phone calls. If you are busy and have a valid excuse then don’t string him along either come through if you like him or tell him no thanks. If you like a man then there is no point in playing mind games with him, stringing him along, or playing hard to get. Wait until he initiates then be responsive, that’s all you really have to do then take it slowly from there.


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