Obsessively texting your ex after being dumped

If you are obsessively texting you ex after being dumped that tells you one important thing.  You were probably in love with your ex.  It is a shame because you loved him and thought he was the one, now he (or she) is gone.  If you see your ex moving on and even dating someone else it stings all the more.  But lets focus on you and your behavior.  No matter what your ex did from con you, cheat on you, lie to you, or betray you, the time has come to get control of your obsessive reaction to what he has done.

If you want any chance of getting this person back into your life, obsessive phone calls and text messages are not going to help.  What you may not realize right now is that obsessive calling him, texting him, emailing him, and trying to contact or talk to him are going to just drag the situation out.  Quit scramblin and scatching and go for the radio silence that your ex really wants.  I know you don’t want to, but it will help you think about everything and get a hold of yourself.  If you are obsessively texting your ex after getting dumped you are in a prolonged state of tantrum. 

You obsessive texts are probably either chastising him for what he has done and how he has ruined the relationship, venting to him because you feel insecure and of no value to him, or begging him to take you back and be with you and give you another chance.  All of it is just useless noise really.  In the end you can’t force a relationship.  Don’t beat yourself up if you are in the throes of compulsively texting him.  You can always get out of the throes.  Start working on the 48 no texting rule and see if you can make it 48 hours without texting him.  Once you can do that, you are on your way to self control.

The key is to start focusing on yourself and not him (her) or his wonderful life without you and the women he is seeing without you.  Stop wallowing in how replacable you are and just try to focus on settling down and getting by without scratching at him anymore on text message.  Focus on some other things going on in your life or just take a break and see some movies, watch TV or wallow in misery.  Even though silence is going to make your brain obsess, try not to let it all well up into another text tantrum.  Start looking at your phone bill or text limits and count how much you are texting this guy.  That should help you to see you are acting out.

Try no texting for 48 hours

Remember, is you obsessively text your ex after being dumped you are not crazy you just were in love and are having a hard time backing away.  Give yourself a break.  Guys cannot stand obsessive women.  Any day, even today, is the day to start breaking free from your own obsessive behavior.  Remember that you are having a reaction and should not hate yourself.  On the other hand, just because he dumped you doesn’t mean you have to flip out.  Start practicing the 48 hour rule to cut down on your texts if you are unable to go cold turkey. 

Track then try to reduce your monthly text count

Look at your phone bill and monthly text count and start to reduce the number of texts you send so that you can never be accused of stalking.  When you urge on a text and brain dump and are about to press send, think about how many texts you sent that day and how many texts you sent that month.  Do you really need to press send?  Maybe not so save the text in your drafts and ponder it for a day.  Wait 48 hours before you send a text message and then ask yourself if you should send it even then.

The best way to stop obsessively texting your ex after being dumped is to first of all realize that you were probably in love and are finding it difficult to detach.  Cut yourself some slack and realize that it is going to be a challenge.  Secondly, start continually implementing the no texting for 48 hour rule so that you can prevent yourself from become a stalker in his eyes.  Thirdly, count your text daily, weekly and monthly if you need to so that you can put your will power to play.  The last thing you want is for someone to accuse you of stalking and harassing them. 

It won’t be long before you begin realizing that life goes on and that you will be perfectly fine.  Give yourself plenty of time before figuring out if you would reconcile with them if they were to forgive you down the road.  A guy that makes your craziness kick into high gear by virtue of the way he is, may not be the guy for you.


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