Obvious signs he does not care about you, so just stop texting him

He does not return a good portion of your texts

This is self-explanatory. It has to be pointed out because if you are really smitten with a man, your common sense just seems to fly out the window. If he never calls you on the phone, doesn’t pick up your calls, forgets to call back, and texts you back only hours and hours later, he doesn’t like you. When your name flashes up on his phone, what is he doing? He grimaces and makes a conscious decision not to respond. He puts his phone back in his pocket. If he doesn’t like you, he won’t even bother to text you back, unless its to get a little bit of action only to blow you off again. This type of guy no matter how hot, is one to lose fast. Try to wipe him out of your head. You deserve a text.

He forgot your last name or never bothered to learn it

If he hasn’t bothered to learn your last name or just forgot it, he is not interested in finding out about you for real. He hasn’t even looked you up on social media or tried to find out who you actually are. Things like name forgetting, not even caring what your last name is, where you went to school, or what rock from which you crawled out from under, are telltale signs he really does not care about you. If on several occasions you get the impression that he doesn’t listen or care about the details of you life, lose him. A perfect example would be a guy who knows you have two children and then one day, forgets and asks you again how many children you have.

He gets quiet, never mad and he just checks out rather than engaging a bit

Women enjoy arguing so much more than men. If a man likes a woman enough, he’ll engage a bit in her antics. If there is an argument or accusations flying, he will respond, defend himself, give an explanation or have some sort of pulse going. If he doesn’t care, he falls silent. If a woman sparks a passionate argument over an issue and a man just ignores her or ices her out for weeks until she festers and gets over it on her own, he couldn’t care less about her. If you have the gut feeling that he really is not listening to you, take it at face value. He really is not listening to you. Why? Because he just doesn’t care enough to.

You haven’t met a single friend of his, or been to his place

If you’ve been dating, sleeping with, or talking to a guy for more than 3-4 months and you haven’t met a single one of his friends, he literally doesn’t like you. The chances are, behind your back he calls you someone he is using. That is the furthest thing humanly possible from love. A man who likes you will show you where he lives and invite you to hang around his life. You won’t exist in a bubble with him. If you are in a bubble with him, do yourself a favor and do not be with him at all.

He demonstrates a complete lack of concern about days of meaning to you

If you call him and say that tomorrow is your birthday and tell him and let him know what you did with your family over the weekend because of your birthday and he falls asleep, he does not care about your life. Don’t grant him excuses like, oh he just isn’t into birthday or holiday stuff. If he does not care, he will not wish you a happy birthday, even if he knows its your birthday because you just told him.

If a man ignores days of meaning to you, it is a direct diss. It says, don’t expect me to be around or acknowledge anything that matters in your life. He might want to inject himself into your life on his terms but its all about him, him and him is what that means. Disappearing on the holidays also has significance because it can be a red flag that there is another woman in his life whom he choses to spend his time with on the days that matter. After all, he is spending the day doing something isn’t he. He’s with someone, but would rather not you.

He doesn’t like you when he ignores what matters to you. He won’t have a problem blowing you off on what he knows to be your only night off because he does not care. This is a guy who is managing your expectations down and really sending you a clear message that he does not care about your life and days of meaning to you. So you probably should get used to not texting somebody like this or everything that happens is going to happen on his terms. Meaning, you get used and discarded on his terms too.

He won’t really pay for anything whatsoever

Men like to spoil women they like.  Whether he has money or not, he will do what it takes to project the illusion that you are worth taking out.  This is irregardless of his actual budget.  If he has only paid for one date such as the first one he ever took you on, this sends a message too.  The message is that he cared enough initially to spend money on you but quickly decided that you aren’t worth taking out after getting to know you more.

If you notice him chintzing on you, he is chintzing on you.  A guy that likes you will go pick up dinner, or have a diet coke for you around his place, or will be willing to ditch a dime for you.  If he wouldn’t even throw a penny into the gutter for your sake, you should really reconsider texting him.  A clear sign that a guy is just biding his time with you is that he just won’t ditch a dime for you.  Dates will evaporate and pretty soon you will just be someone he freeloaders off when he has nothing better to do. Don’t be the girl that he uses for nooky or as an ego boost between girlfriends.  You like a free _ to him, well you fill in the blank.

When you are dealing with a man who won’t ditch a dime for you, rest assured you mean nothing to him and are entirely dispensable.  You may even be the side action to someone he does care about dating, and spending money on.  Or, he could just be a user through and through, using you, and using whoever else is free too.  Is this a guy you want to be texting?  Please say no and please don’t raise your hand. 

He doesn’t know when your birthday is and if he did, he would not wish you a happy birthday

Men hate things like birthdays, holidays and Valentine’s day when it comes to women they are not into and they do not jump to get all mushy and romantic. In fact, the opposite is true. If they really don’t like you, they will ignore these days of meaning completely and disappear on you when these occasions come around. They use things like birthdays as an excuse to make it clear to you that never can you depend on them for anything.

It’s true that men don’t attach the deep significance to birthdays that women do. But men do know that women care about these things and if a man likes you, he will always wish you a happy birthday no matter what. If you tell him yesterday that your birthday is tomorrow and tomorrow comes and he doesn’t bother to wish you a happy birthday it is a direct diss. He is sending a clear message that you mean nothing to him, he won’t even acknowledge your birthday, and that he does not care. It basically defines the relationship as really not existing. If you happen to be intimate with a man who knows its your birthday and doesn’t even text you to wish you happy birthday, you should drop him. Remove without anesthesia.

If a man isn’t even aware of the month in which your birthday falls or can’t even remember your birthday when you just told him about it the day before, it is high time to realize that you are 100% replaceable and he does not care about you, your life, or your existence at all. A man who likes a woman will register her birthday and not forget to wish her a happy one.

He never makes a move and you are the one forced to initiate contact almost always

Sometimes doing nothing is very much doing something. If he never initiates contact or plans with you, he is sending you a loud and clear diss. This is a man saying, I won’t lift a finger for you however if you throw yourself at my feet I might use you a bit so long as you don’t hassle me. If to do anything of physical nature with such a man, you have to nearly send him an explicit photograph. He isn’t busy, shy or tired, he just does not like you. If time opens up and he wants to fool around, he might respond to one of your advances but afterwards he will discard you and go right back to never or rarely contacting you unless he is totally desperate and bored out of his mind (or in a fight with his real girlfriend).

He flirts with other women in front of you, tells you he is dating others, or is clearly dating others by staying online and flirting with women on his social networking sites

She could be someone you run into when you are hanging out with him, or someone he meets in the local groups he belongs to. If he openly flirts with women in front of you or discloses that he has other action with women, this is the biggest diss of all. This is tantamount to saying, I am trying to run a harem here, won’t stop what I am doing for you, and if you want to hang around like a fool and let me take advantage, I will be absolved of all responsibility. Take it or leave it.

A man who is dating other women, flirting with other women, maintaining his single status on dating profiles online, and so on, will soon drop you. Unless you want to be taken advantage of and explored only to be history when he can trade up, the suggestion is to lose his number. If he is maintaining an active dating profile and logging on daily, or posting laciviously flirtatious comments on women’s facebook photos he cetainly is not trying to be a boyfriend to you. If new single looking female friends are regularly accumulating on his social networking sites and these women are commenting on his photos and updating their own pictures regularly to suggestive poses, there you have your answer that he is still looking, still dating, still flirting. Unless you want to be part of a harem, lose his number.

I hope this helps you realize when a man does not care about you. Men have a tendency to stick around and use a woman while they shop for something new. It is good to see the signs that he is still in your picture but does not care in actuality. It would be easier if men just left but there is that gray area on the way in and out of relationships that they linger. Don’t let a lingering man who does not care about you, get your love to use as a convenient freebie.

Signs he does not care


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