Online dating advice for women about Text Message and the Alpha Male

The alpha male is the one that men envy and women lust after.  It’s not sure how an alpha male really develops that personality however most of the time it’s a man gifted with good looks, athleticism, success or any combination thereof.   What does being an alpha male have to do with text message? A Lot.  The fact is that some men lose interest in a woman not because of anything she did but rather because he has a plethora of dating options with a variety of women.  

A woman might blame herself for losing a guy she met online but in reality, that guy might simply be tempted by all of the interesting choices he has online.   Instead of beating herself up over some percieved flaws or missteps in her handling of him, she needs to understand that he may simply have an abundance of options.  Dating on the Internet has given him more options than ever.  Therefore, the typical alpha male is increasingly pursued and like his counterparts (women who look like supermodels, are ten years younger than you, etc) he has more choices than ever.

If women simply understood that fact that the Internet has leveled the playing field for men that are great catches, they would become less obsessed with why men lose interest and move on.  Sometimes, they move on simply because they can.  As a woman if you stop criticising your own behavior and what you did to drive him away, you might be able to relax and just date to have fun.  The sooner a woman frees herself of guilt the more she will be relaxed in dating and actually attract men to stay with her!

The classic alpha male

With a god given advantage given certain physical traits, comes the attention of many women.  The true alpha men are the ones who take their blessings and then nurture their ability further to attract women.  In essence, they take their advantages and become pros at capturing the affection of women. They learn from experience what to do or say and how to act to make women like them.  Pretty soon, it becomes effortless to them.

Seduction web sites even teach men how to be more alpha

Dating advice web sites for men give pointers on how to become an alpha male by noticing commonalities that alpha men seem to have.  The three components of advice are typically tied to improving ones looks, becoming more successful, and dating prolifically to improve game without concern for the outcome.  To improve ones looks the advice is to get to the gym regularly and develop a sense of style that maximizes your male beauty.  To improve ones success the advice is to live an active full life and be career driven which places you in the midst of more women.  Lastly, the advice is to get experience dating women and not tie oneself to any one woman or dating outcome.

Men can follow these tips and certainly improve their chances with women.  Becoming strong, positive and outgoing can help men achieve real success with flirting, dating, meeting women and seduction.  As far as dating goes, it is all about having no expectations and going into something for fun without being outcome oriented.

Internet dating and the alpha male

With the advent of Internet dating women are more likely than ever to come across alpha males.  The Internet gives men an equal playing field with women.  Where they used to have to look for women only that they see or that live in their own town, they can now go onto the Internet and have access to thousands of women at the click of the mouse button.  This gives them a much more level playing field with comparable beautiful women.  Instead of meeting women in their own back yard they now have access to pretty women all across their city and beyond.

Women meeting players online

With Internet dating a woman’s chance of encountering a bad boy or alpha male or player are increased.  Because of the superficiality of online dating, women often base their judgements on physical characteristics of the men.  As a woman you might go through your local city and pick out all of the most attractive men in your age range that are within say an hour to where you live.  These are the favorites.  Well guess what?  These favorites might be the group of alpha males around you.  Odds are that if you picked them out then hundreds if not thousands of other women picked them out as well.  That gives them plenty of women interested in them and plenty of dating options.

Women naive about the competition for apha males

Women get really naive about the online competition.  Whereas pretty women usually have all of the suitors, the Internet has now provided the same benefits to the handsome man.  And I think women forget this fact when they get on line.  If they are going after the hottest hunks or most successful guys on the Internet in their area, they must realize that there is competition for these alpha males.  These men are being looked at by thousands and thousands of women in the same city.

How alpha males affect Text Message

There is a definite link between the new alpha male who has plenty of options thanks to Internet dating, and text message.  I get hundreds of emails to this site alone always asking about why some hot guy they met online was at first interested in them and subsequently lost interest in them.  Guess what, sometimes it is nothing in particular that the woman did wrong.  Sometimes, they just picked a really cute guy from online and this is the man who has plenty of other options.  If you picked out an alpha male from online dating you can be sure that he has many other women interested in him willing to meet him and date him as well.

So what is the point?

It’s not to say you shouldn’t bother to try, it’s more about adjusting your dating expectations to match the realities of the Internet dating jungle.  Don’t expect to find Mr. Fantasy and have him fall head over heels and jump off the Internet for you and into your life after a few weeks or months of dating for happily ever after. 

The point of this article is to let women know that if they are dating online that there is quite a bit of competition for the hottest hunks in their town.  They need to understand this for one very important reason.  The reason is so that they don’t get caught up in thinking that if a guy dates them for a while and moves on, that there is something inherently wrong with them.  Because in reality, there are just many more choices for sought after men.  And they might be tempted to continue to look around online.  

The many choices available for quality men online might cause them to date you for a while then disappear, keep their profiles up even while they are dating you, and never call or text you enough.  It may simply be because they are exploring other people.  Instead of getting stressed out about all of the competition, a woman needs to relax and realize that the competition is there.  All she can do is be herself and work on her best character traits.  If a man moves on or doesn’t commit to her then she can just assume that there is plenty of competition for that man and maybe he has other choices and interests. 

So how do you capture the heart of a player

The only way to capture the heart of a player is to recognize there is competition and relax.  Instead of getting obsessed over that alpha guy, she needs to be an independent woman with her own life and interests, unconcerned about the competition.  An alpha male always complains about crazy women and stalkers, the ones that pursue him and text message him so voraciously that he becomes turned off.  The woman that does her own thing and shows a great personality when he comes around is going to be the one that he stays interested in.

In esssense, a woman needs to become a little bit of a player herself.  She needs to work on her keeping her body and style perfected, develop her own life and career interests, and date without worrying so much about all of the competition and the outcome.  A player has plenty of women who chase him down, bother him, and throw tantrums when he won’t commit.  The woman that captures his attention will be the one that doesn’t need him for her happiness and that doesn’t worry about the competition.  She’s just who she is and if he wants to spend time with her, she figures he will.  She’s not tied to roping him in or the outcome of their relationship.

The right attitude

The reason for this article is to help women understand that with the advent of online dating there is more competition for the best men, and the nature of the Internet has leveled the playing field in their favor. A woman will come across more good looking men and should understand that there might be quite a bit of competition for them. Therefore she must be much better prepared for rejection, understanding that rejection is the nature of the online dating game. Rather than tying herself to the outcome and trying to rope a man in and off the Internet, she should have a more open attitude.

If a man stops calling her and texting her and he moves on, so be it since maybe he has other options he likes better. If he stays, that’s an opportunity for her to get to know him. If she gets rejected it might be partially due to the competition levels so there is little point in beating herself up and obsessing over why he didn’t call and what she did wrong. All she can do is give it her best shot and try to improve her personality traits to be the best person and dating material she can be. Beyond that, it’s out of her control. The less she obsesses about the outcome the better off she’ll be able to attract that alpha male and get him to stick around simply because he is emotionally drawn to her and for no other reason.


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