Panic Texting and what not to do on Text using More Less principle

There is a basic principle to relationships that every one must know about. I’ll call it the More Less text messaging principle. When people can’t have something easily, they will usually want it more. When people can have something easily, they won’t want it nearly as much. Now, lets apply this principle to sms messaging. Hopefully, it will help you avoid that text rant or long winded multi text conversation with them that make you all too available (ergo wanted less) by him (or her).

Texting an ex boyfriend again and again and again won’t make him want you more. It will make him want you less. Apply the principle. Text him more and the result will be he’ll want to get back together with you less. Text him less and he’ll want to get back together with you more. If you’re sending him three texts a day begging him to take you back and you do this for three solid months it adds up to a text rant of three times ninety texts or 270 begging texts asking the same thing whether he will take you back.

A text rant doesn’t neccesarily happen by sending texts in rapid fire succession one minute after another. Text rants include non stop texts send over periods of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. They are on a slower drip out but they constitute rants all the same. Anything that goes on an on ad nauseum is a rant and it doesn’t matter if you hiccup out the rant right away or let it out slowly. It’s still a rant. Ask him once mid way through the three months and save yourself 269 texts that will make him want you less.

Panic ranting texts show your boyfriend that he can easily get you (his girlfriend) back any time he wants to. Therefore he will not be as interested in making any sort of effort to get back together with you. He knows you are upset, pathetic and doting over the breakup. In the mean time he can meander off and look around for other options because nothing is pressing him to try and win back your affection. He knows what you are about, knows what you are like, and knows he can come back and have you back if he really wants to. So, he thinks, whats wrong with checking out some other options.

Remember not to text your boyfriend again and again and again. It might drive him away and make him want you less. If he is your ex-boyfriend I realize you might be panicing because he is leaving you however texting him over and over begging him to come back is likely not going to bring him back. It’s ok to let him know the truth you know, but you don’t have to repeat it several times a day over the course of months. He gets it so if he is going to come back he will and it won’t be because of more and more panic texts that you send out to him.

You don’t want to play games but everything in life has a game element to it. People use pyschology to influence behavior and so applying psycology to your texting is not a crime. It’s actually a smart move. Just know that begging your boyfriend to come back over and over, and texting him daily over and over, is going to saturate his existence and he is going to want you less. Though it’s really hard if you have a case of true heartbreak, try to back off on the texting. You can read articles in the quit texting tab on this site for more help on this.


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