Parents crazy Texts – the crazy things parent text!

Parents send crazy texts too! With the advent of smart phones parents are running around on their blackberry and ipod smart phones texting just like their tweens and teens are. At least tweens and teens have an excuse for the crazy texts they send, because they’re just kids. For the parents, there is no excuse.

Here is a funny and not so funny (which makes it funny) roundup up hilarious crazy texts submitted to addictiontexting com that parents sent to their kids. Some of the texts are funny, others not so funny such as divorce. But seriously I don’t think text message is the right communication medium to let your kids know you are divorcing! Relaying important information to your kids on text message is just um crazy!

If you move out I will never do anything for you again.

Get home now to finish your college application essays or I swear to you I won’t pay for your college.

I never gave you permission to do that.

I want the keys back.

I’ll change the locks on it.

Good luck. You’re on your own.

Hi it’s miss so-and-so. Have you seen my son (or daughter)? I can’t find them.

You better call so-and-so and wish them a Happy Birthday.

I’m leaving. You’re going to have to pick your dad up.

Your father and I are getting a divorce. Sorry.

I am moving out. Your mom and I have grown apart and I met someone else.

WTF is wow thats fantastic, right?

Take out the trash or I’ll dump it in your room.

If you dare go to that party I’ll kill you.

Get home right now.

Stop wasting my minutes. Get a job.

Where the hell is my credit card?

I’m not talking to you.

I have no money.


Get your own ride.

Go ask your real parents.

Coming (they text coming when they are on their way to pick you up)

Did you remember your diaphram?

Get home right this second!

Your dads drunk again.

I will never forgive you.

Your behavior is unforgiveable.

If you don’t come home right now I am calling an Amber Alert.

You’re not going anywhere till that room is clean. Don’t even think about it.

I talked to your school you are so busted.

When are you coming home? Your father and I are waiting for you. We want to eat. (as u think, so eat then what do you need me to be there for iam not stopping you)

You better use a damn condom.

Where is the remote?

You have two seconds to call me or you won’t have a phone at all.

I’ll take it away and I won’t pay either unless you text me right now and tell me where you are.

There better be gas in that car when you get home.

I found your weed.

Why did you put the empty milk back?

I’ll text you back when Jersey Shore is over.

Thats it. I am calling the police!

Have your parents ever sent you crazy text messages, or got so upset over something wrong that you were doing that they hauled off and sent a dozen ranting messages to your phone? Have your parents lost it on text message? If you have some memorable crazy with worry where are you parental text message memories please share them and comment below. We know perfectly well that parents go crazy on text and inquiring minds want to know just what they said!


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