Passive aggresive man plus anger woman equals boomerang text relationship

Are you ruining a relationship with him with your angry texting and you just can’t seem to stop yourself?  Cut yourself some slack.  You might not just be crazy.  It takes two.  You may be dealing with one of the hardest guy issues which is passive aggression.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing that will make a woman text more than when she’s dealing with a passive aggressive man.

Passive aggresive men are total flakes

Everyone is a flake at some point but passive aggressive people take it to the extreme.  They remain noncommittal to the point where they say one thing but mean another.  They will make promises to get something they need then after they get it, forget all about the promises they made.  They’ll make commitments at one moment in time and forget all about them in the next moment.  They will say or do what suits them then have no remorse upon immediately changing their mind.  This behavior can create hurt, anger and continual tension in the people who are around him, which can all come tumbling out as crazy text rantings.

Passive aggresive men frustrate their girlfriends beyond belief

The passive aggressive finds his woman as someone who can become the object of his hidden hostilities.  He might disappoint her in small ways until she is so frustrated she become a ranting crazy lady.  Irritants that are crazy making include that he does not follow through on any of his agreements or promises.  He procrastinates and starts thing but never completes them.  He dodges responsibility by blowing things off until his girlfriend becomes irate and then blames everything on her irateness.

Girls hate liars.  Let me say this again, girls hate liars.  A passive aggressive lies, is inconsistent and totally ambiguous.  He’s give double messages and expect you to read his mind.  He’ll do things like act like he’s your boyfriend meanwhile he’s have another girl and think, she should have known this is how I am.  He always has a hidden agenda and usually it’s about him, him, him.  If his girlfriend criticizes him he will make excuses to get off the blame or threaten to leave her if she complains.  Passive aggressive men often believe in a stance of put up or shut up.  If he is confronted on any of his broken promises or obligations he is likely to cheat or do something ten times worse than what the original problem was.

What can cause a woman to text on a rant is having to deal with a man that shows little to no consideration of her time or feelings.  He just doesn’t seem to care about her needs, standards and boundaries.  This is the type of guy that breaks a Friday night date she just made dinner for, already invited friends to, or bought a new outfit for.  He’ll even break the date at the last minute for a better opportunity and then she becomes a witch in fury sending 100 texts to him about her disappointment and she finds herself relentlessly attacking him for being a flake.  If she has time invested in him she doesn’t want to leave so she stays complaining and unhappy when he treats her like dirt.

Get a handle on why you are texting him like crazy

There is no excuse for texting him like crazy, no matter how passive aggressive he is, or how horrible he may be treating you.  After all, you could just leave instead.  If his treatment of you is driving you over the texting edge he may not be the right guy for you.  The relationship may be unworkable.  However, if you recognize what he is doing to set you off onto a text rant you might be able to stop the ranting.  You won’t be able to stop what he is doing but you may be able to stop what you are doing.  If you stop the ranting then you can get out of the boomerang fighting.  Someone needs to put the brakes on and off, lovey dove followed by world war text, cycle.

One thing a passive aggressive does is he has multiple relationships with women which helps him not have to be fully committed to one relationship.  He just stays permanently confused about which women he likes best and can’t understand why the harem of women he has is irrate.  In the meantime the grass always looks greener to him.  When one woman demands too much from him he diverts to a different one.  He wants you to be there for him yet you aren’t allowed to have normal needs or expectations because that is pressure in his mind.  This is the type of guy you wind up wanting to berate for being a player over and over.  You get all wrapped up into what he is doing when he is doing god knows what.

If your passive aggressive guy is playing the field you might want to opt out.  He is only concerned with himself and not being swallowed up by one woman so when you get closer he’ll always sabotage it by fooling around on you, picking a fight with you, using you, or neglecting you.  One of the favorite things of a passive aggressive is to give you the silent treatment when you call him on the mats for his behavior.  He’ll drive you so crazy with being nice, disappearing, boomeranging in and out of other relationships and giving you mixed messages.  You’ll go crazy when he refuses to talk to you on the phone or answer your text messages.  Once you’re ranting and raving on text to a guy it’s for sure the guy is driving you crazy and you probably need to just get away from him. 

Don’t become codependent hanging on to his lies and evasions.  You have a better chance being with a guy like this if you just leave him completely because then you remove yourself from being driven totally crazy into a ranting lunatic dealing with his shenanigans.  The only way to deal with a passive aggressive is to be sane as all get-out.  You have to have nerves of steel and he can never get you that upset. 

If you aren’t iron-willed, you’ll be torn apart by a man who gets intimate then retreats on you.  Every time you lose it and get angry with him he will blame the relationship problems on your anger and the texting instead of the problems he causes.  He might clean up his act for periods of time if he thinks you might really leave him, then fall back into the usual old pattern when you stay.

If you’re texting like crazy, opt out instead

Being held hostage in love with a man that’s a passive aggressive and treats you poorly will drive you crazy.  You need to be a really patient woman to deal with a man like this.  If you are patient then you can do anger management, lower your expectations with him, be totally understanding and work at a mouse pace to make things work.  You’ll be bending over backwards and you’re going to need to have the right type of personality.  You can all too easily become codependent on him and you’ll be the rescuer or the victim or even his manager.  Just know that if you want to have a successful relationship with a passive aggressive you’ll be working almost as hard as someone who is dealing with an alcoholic.  It will be tough.

Dealing with a passive aggressive man will be extremely hard if not impossible, if you are a temperamental woman.  You might have good chemistry yet the relationship may not work out.  If you find yourself texting like an angry woman it may not be your fault entirely.  It takes two.  Take heart and understand that there are so many things he may be doing that are sending you over the edge.  It’s really not all your fault.  His behavior can be at the root of some of your psycho texting.

If you’ve become a bitch, a rag-er, and a ranting text lunatic you might want to opt away from the passive aggressive guy that you are dealing with.  The lies, evasiveness, non-committal-ness, flakiness and womanizing attitude of such a man might drive you bonkers.  If your anger and frustration is so high that you are raging and too intense, you really aren’t with the right man.  Do you want to be on an emotional roller coaster?  If you are a temperamental woman you might want a man that has a smoothing influence on you rather than one that drives you insane. 

Tawny Kitaen gauged her man with a stiletto heel in an argument.  If you’re to the point of taking your shoe off and hitting the cell phone with it after 50 texts in a day that he never responded to, it’s time to opt out. This advice goes for men too. If a woman is driving you nuts where you are exhibiting hostile or stalker behavior you need to not be with her. Get away before you wind up in trouble. Someone who brings all your inner rage and anger to the surface is someone you really should not be trying to stay with. Better safe than sorry.


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