Playful characteristics in a woman that men love

There are certain personality traits that men love in women.  It’s fine to be serious and in control but a man definitely loves a woman who can let her hair down and just have fun during free time.   While a woman wants a date to be like a romance novel, a man wants a date to be like recess.  He wants to have fun.  Here are a few character traits to work on developing further if you want to become a man magnet.

Be playful at heart

You’re most attractive when you let your hair down and let your playful side come out.  That means you can make jokes, talk about random topics, and be naturally relaxed.  If you’re nervous then he’s nervous.  You don’t always have to be agreeable with him 100%.  A little bit of kitten swiping with him on text or texting back and forth like puppies rolling around playfully, or even mud wrestling can make him love you.  It might look like serious fighting but its really just play fighting and having fun.  Being a playful woman can be instrumental in keeping his interest in you and sparks will fly too.  Don’t always be 100% agreeable as a man loves a good play fight every now and then.  That’s what making up is for!

Have a sense of humor

It can help to have a sense of humor.  If you make him laugh it is a good thing!  Humor is a desired trait for both men and women.  Men are often better able than women to compartmentalize work and then just have fun without worrying about their problems.  If you can develop that trait of putting worries aside then a man will love you for it.  Be able to chuckle at silly things.  Did disaster strike at work today?  Put it out of mind and go on your date to have fun and enjoyment.  Show him that you can live in the moment because that is going to attractive to him.

A woman who can set aside problems, laugh at herself and make him chuckle as well, is one he will want to hang out with.  What do you think he’s attracted to a woman who’s ripping him a new one on text message?  No!  Just make sure to implement your sense of humor when you are both on free time.  Texting him random jokes when he’s in a business meeting won’t go over well.  If he’s being playful however, then it’s open court for you to let yourself relax and have fun with him.

Have a sense of adventure

You can have fun stuffed in a tuna can with him if you two spark well together.  Whether you’re alone in a room together or out doing activities you need to have a good sense of adventure.  In the bedroom that means being willing to share fantasies and ideas with him so you both can get away into a physical world.  In the real world, it means real adventure.  Men can have more fun bowling, shooting pool, or racing you in a go-cart than he’ll have will sitting sedentary in the coffee shop. 

To make him grow more attached to you be adventurous both in private intimacy with him and when you go out with him on dates just for fun.  A playful personality will help you become that cool woman that men just adore.  He’ll love hanging out with you which is exactly what you want.

Physical activities are really bonding for a man, even more so that intellectual ones.  If you want to become a man magnet work on being playful, having a sense of humor, and developing a good sense of adventure.  If he has fun when he is with you then he will want to spend more time with you plain and simple.  If he arrives at a point where he automatically wants to spend time with you (without you having to initiate) then you know he’s yours.


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