Push for laws banning use of text messaging while driving

Every single year, thousands of people get killed or injured in accidents caused by texting while driving.  The statistics are really astonishing.  And if there is an accident, there can be more than one victim involved and they come forward one by one to seek legal compensation for pain and suffering they endure as a result of being in a texting while driving car crash. 

Over the last few years support has grown for laws banning the use of text messaging devices while driving.  Hands free driving laws already disallow use of cell phones while driving.  Reports show that drivers who text are far more likely to have car accidents than those focusing completely on the road.

There are many people and institutions that fought for the hands free driving laws.  Parents, doctors, industry leaders and even wireless carriers consider texting while driving negligent.  Nine out of ten american adults think that texting while driving is dangerous, distracting, and should be outlawed just like drinking while driving.

Highway Safety administrations claim that cell phone users are four times more likely to get into very serious accidents.  A Virginia Tech study showed that near accidents are 23 times more likely when drivers are distracted.  Distractions include talking, reaching for devices, texting, using cell phones, tuning the stereo, and so forth.  Letting your eyes wander off the road for even 5 seconds can prove deadly.

Not all of the states enforce texting while driving bans but many do.  For example, Alaska, Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas. Connecticut, Minnesota, Tennessee, Washington, California, Lousiana, New Jersey, and Utah all ban texting and driving.  More states will likely follow suit.

From a legal standpoint, victims of texting while driving accidents will likely be favored when it comes to prosecution of irresponsible texting at the wheel of a car.  Texting drivers will be penalized if their behavior causes injuries to others.  As it is, you can get ticketed for holding your cell phone at the wheel whether its talking holding it up with one hand, or texting on it.  If you must talk while driving, consider investing in a bluetooth.  It’s still a distraction but a slightly better choice for drivers.  The best case is not to talk on the phone at all while driving a car.


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