Put his neglect of you into the proper perspective

If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll make an effort to be in it. Don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn’t make an effort to stay.

Is your man is forgetting or plain failing to text you back until days later, blowing off your dates, or failing to respond to your occasional text messages? Women make tons and tons of excuses for this type of behavior in men when they are in reality getting blown off and dissed.
If this is you, the best thing is to follow this old quote above.

If someone is not willing to really try to stay in your life, you should not bother to reserve a space in your heart for them. Trust me you will save months of time wasted obsessing over a guy that really is just a guy that doesn’t text you back because he flat-out doesn’t care.

If he wanted to keep in touch and see you, he would

The reality is that people do what people actually want to do. This is particularly true with men. If they don’t respond or take any care to keep in touch with you, it is what they want. Don’t create excuses or rationalizations for him and take his silence at face value instead. If he is not texting you, the fact is that he does not want to text you, and this statement probably holds itself to be true in 99% of cases. He is not busy, hurt, or side-tracked to text a girl he actually likes and wants to see.

If your boyfriend really wants to do a certain thing, and he has his heart set on it, then more than likely he will accomplish it. So, if he wants to call or text a girl because he is into her, he will. Guaranteed. This obviously holds true in real relationships you may witness, if you haven’t already encountered it yourself. If you have ever had a real boyfriend then even if it didn’t work out with him, you do recall what it was like when you dated someone who actually kept in touch with you consistently.

If you find yourself dating a man or woman who doesn’t show up when he says he will, always cancels plans, or just doesn’t come around even though he has ample opportunity to come through for you, the chances are he really don’t want to be a true part of your life. The sooner you figure this out, the sooner you will quit wasting your time on lost cause guys even if it means enduring a dry spell while you wait for the next man to appear in your life.

Don’t make excuses for a man who doesn’t care enough to keep in contact with you

Realizing and accepting when someone really does not give a damn may be a bitter pill to swallow, but is rather essential for ones sanity. To combat unnecessary heartbreak it is smart to cut the people out of your life who make no time for you when they have had ample opportunities to. Doing so will free your mind and open up emotional space for someone new eventually. It will also free your calendar and give you time to mope, get over it, and get out and about again.

Cutting out guys who really show you no interest in wanting to time with when all you want to do is spend time with them is the practical thing to do. Not only is it practical, it sets strong boundaries for not being strung along. If a guy is blowing you off he needs to know that the consequence for that is that you are gone. Odd are he didn’t care enough to be phased when you do get gone so don’t beat yourself¬†up if he doesn’t come chasing after you. Don’t bother to be jealous of who he gets with either, because he didn’t want to spend time with you and that is all that matters from your perspective. What he does outside of that, try not to care.

Getting spat out into single status again is depressing but a necessary evil

Starting new relationships may seem like a hopeless cause at first, but such change is an essential function of moving on. You want to find a guy that is actually somebody that you like and also somebody that by the way can text you back, keep a plan, and is desirous of keeping in touch too. Let yourself embrace change and let the men go in our lives that are totally dysfunctional and don’t care about your life or well-being.

Once a guy learns that he doesn’t have to text you back or ask you out or even respond much less keep in touch with you, that relationship has no possible way of being fixed. So why invest time in the sinking titanic. You ultimately can’t force someone to make time for you and that is the bottom line. Therefore, it is imperative that you find someone who has no qualms with keeping in regular touch with you and that is enthusiastic about you, and of course vice versa.

It doesn’t mean you have to settle for someone who is smitten, it just means that the right mix has not come along. The right mix is a man who you are insanely attracted to, like spending time with and most importantly, the feelings are more or less equally reciprocated.¬† It takes two.

Men who like you, contact you

Trust me that when a guy really likes a girl he is going to keep in touch with her regularly, even on a daily basis. If your guy does not treat you like this you might want to save yourself the time and energy of being text obsessed and granting excuses to a guy who really doesn’t give you time of day.

If your main thought about a particular man is on the topic of why he doesn’t respond, get in touch, invite you out, or keep in regular contact with, you may want to just get rid of that particular man. Because technically, he has already pretty much gotten rid of you.

Men who fade out want you to get the hint

Men often get rid of women by slowly stepping back and back and back and hoping the woman eventually gets the hint. It’s called a fade out. During the fade out, the man might take advantage and continue to reap occasional benefits from the relationship, but mentally, he is checked out. He might stay for a while longer in body, but not in spirit. Staying with a person who is fading out on you is tantamount to allowing yourself to be used.

Don’t invest time in a guy that doesn’t invest time in you


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