Romantic text messages to melt his heart?

Are you looking to ignite more passion and romance into your life love with him by sending him the perfect romantic text messages?  Be careful!  If done wrong, romantic texts can seem trite and downright silly.  After all, it is text message!  When writing romantic texts to him you might want to consider some of the following tips about romantic text messages. 

There are no specific rules to follow when you want to send love to your boyfriend yet thought should go into such texts as you would not want them misinterpreted or to put undue pressure on him and your relationship.  If you haven’t been dating that long then sending a message saying you’ll love him forever may come across as more scary to him than romantic.  Keep reading for tips on how to make his heart skip a beat without giving him total cardiac arrest.

Don’t profess true love on text message

Intense proclamations of love on text message should be avoided, particularly if this is someone you have not been involved with for years.  Claiming you want to be with someone forever, or that he is the one, or that your life would be over without him, is too much.  These types of love message are too over the top.  Come on, this is text message.  An xoxo or Sending you some love! is more text appropriate. 

Let’s say you have a great weekend with your boyfriend who you’ve been seeing now for a few months.  In a moment of bliss and weakness, you send him a message saying Do you want to get married and move in with me?  You’re sort of joking yet you actually mean it.  No don’t press send!  In that minute you might be thinking he’s the one, yet it is not something to send to a man.  Instead, you could send him a message letting him know you had a great time!  You aren’t getting married here, just keep it light!

Relate the romance to your personal world

If you want to send something mushy and romantic, remember to relate it to your personal world with him.  Something private between the two of you and having to do with your secret world is more relevant.  Let’s say you had a romantic tryst or weekend getaway.  You might make a comment about how that location has a new spot in your heart.  That makes sense. 

What you don’t want to do is to pull romantic poems or quotes off of the Internet or random places and send it to him (unless you two do that all the time).  Romance coming from a can or from left field is no good.  It will come off as trite and too mushy.  Be careful about sending apocolyptic romance messages such as Even if there is no tomorrow, I still want to spend it with you.  Please!  Tone it down to reality.  Something such as FYI These part few months I’ve had such an incredible time with you is plenty!

Create attraction

Raunchy texts won’t create the right type of emotional attraction so beware of heavy sexting or sending explicit content or photographs.  You don’t want everything to focus on the physical.  That being said, men enjoy light flirting.  Talking about relationships and love can be nauseating for men and they might not care to do so on text message either.  If you get too sappy you might even make his stomach turn.

Some light flirtation can help, just keep it on the up and up.  A simple text letting him know how great it feels to kiss him for example, is something that will come across as fun, flirtatious and romantic.  Remember that you want to create attraction in him.  That means he has to feel emotionally attracted and like he is making you happy and most of all, that he wants to spend time with you. 

Light flirtation and letting him know that he makes you have butterflies will make him feel good without putting undue pressure on him and your relationship.  He likes to hear about a great outfit you have planned or Victoria’s Secret but it can be done in a light playful and tasteful way without getting explicit at all.  Just remember that men like to play and be in a fantasy world.  Imagination and occasional playfulness will take his mind away from life’s problem and want him to spend time with you.

Don’t inadvertently create relationship problems

Never inundate your boyfriend with too many mushy texts lest that backfire on you.  If he is constantly getting deluged with your professed love for him it is going to feel like relationship pressure not fun.  The more you profess love the more he might feel an obligation to fill some sort of role for you.  That’s when he thinks that you just like the idea of love and the relationship and not him per-se. 

The last thing you want to do is profess love to the point that you drive him away.  You don’t want him to feel like Oh No, now she is depending on me to be there for her and assure her happiness and I don’t want the obligation. A man will never commit to a woman that is needy, clingy and hoping for him to fill some sort of role for her. He will commit to a woman who is her own person, has her own life and interests, yet enjoys his company tremendously.

If your messages start to sound needy and imply that you don’t have a life without him the odds are that he is going to start to resent the messages rather than be turned on by them.  Men want you to have your own life.  Your happiness should not depend on them.  Romantic texts that become needy and clingy are a big No-No.  It’s enough to let him know that you enjoy his company, or that you’ve missed him if you have not seen him in a while. 

Remember that men are a little simplistic and binary and play into that.  Those old sayings that he just needs food and appreciation are true.  Do not go overboard with romantic text messages.  Let him know you care and make him feel good without laying it on so heavy that you force him to ponder his obligations to you, whether he really wants to commit to this level of romance, or wonder about the future of your relationship.

So remember, when texting romantically the key is to not inundate him with texts, keep it tied to personal and relevant events between the two of you, and don’t go overboard to the point of scaring him.  Mushy texts can come across as obsessed or even stalker-like if taken to an extreme.   Before getting carried away with romantic texts just remember that this is a text message after all.  It’s not your wedding vows.


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