Romantic text messages to send your girlfriend

If you are head over heels for a girl then you might be tempted to send her a stream of goddess worshipping text messages telling her how pretty she is and how much you love her.  Sending her a little romantic message like that is fine from time to time.  However, you want to be really careful that you don’t sound cheesy or act a little too smitten with her.  If a guy is too into a girl it can be a turnoff rather than a turn on if he starts to smother her with compliments.   Compliments are good but not if they are being given all the time.  Deliver some suspence along with the romance and it will have a much greater impact on her in terms of creating attraction.

Alpha male

Girls do respond to alpha male tactics.  Obviously you want to be yourself however if your stomach turns into a slushy over her, you may want to temper your enthusiasm a bit.  For one thing, don’t text her as much.  Let’s say you have plans for the weekend.  You could go under the radar for a few days and leave her alone.  Then, when she least expects it, send a text such as Hi sexy, you ready for our date Friday?

Romance and suspense

You can send her a surprise text message, an online e-card, get her a thoughtful gift or buy her flowers to romance her.  The secret strategy is to mix into this romance a dose of suspense.  Don’t become old faithful.  There is a part of every woman that likes a bad boy.  Do you know what boy she thinks of the most? It’s the one that forgot Valentines day existed, not the one that bought her chocolates!  It’s not to say you need to be mean however you do want to keep her guessing.

Be unpredictable with your availability

Don’t become a doormat for your girlfriend.  It’s good to be there for her but honestly if you dote on her too hard she will take you for granted.  If you are busy or unable to cater to her, it can create some suspence for her which adds spice even though that is completely counter-intuitive.  If you can’t be there for a particular occasion, you can offer a sponteneous alternative.  

If your girl is into you then she will relish the time she spends with you most of all.  It doesn’t cost much money to create that desire in her.  If you can’t be at her beck and call whenever she wants, show up by surprise.  Mix a little random-ness in with romantic gestures.  Even taking a girl to Thrifty’s for an ice cream cone can be fun to her if she likes you. 

Keep your romantic gestures sporadic and unpredictable.  That includes your text messages.  One thing is for sure, don’t tell her you love her unless you really mean it.  Men often say when they blurted out an I love you and didn’t really mean it that they regretted it after.   The key to keeping her insanely attracted to you is to give her really, really good attention, just not all the time.


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