Rules for texting guys

Texting has quickly taken over the dating world as the new means for communication.  Considering how popular texting is, you may be wanting to know what texting rules to follow in order to win him over.

If you want to be winning when it comes to texting, then you should know that men do like a challenge.  When you like him there is the temptation to text him all the time, yet it is best to let him do most of the initiating.  When it comes to texting, patience is a virtue.  How you text him could predict how you will act as a girlfriend in his mind.  Therefore, be your sexy, elusive best when it comes to text.

Don’t send too many texts

You don’t want to send a whole bunch of texts before he ever texts back.  To avoid this, try to wait for a response before you text again.  Also, try to think first about what you text because you could say in one text what took you 10 texts, had you really thought about what you wanted to say.

Use emotions to lend context to jokes and sarcasm

You can use the emotions give context to your texts, especially if there is the possibility that he could misinterpret what you are saying as an insult or sarcasm.  Try to keep things flirty and light and don’t take any low blows on text.  If he can trust that you aren’t going to text and text, or text him messages that seem obnoxious, sarcastic or rude, he will like you more.  Make sure when you use some quirky humor that he gets it.  You don’t want him to take one of your text messages the wrong way so don’t send texts that might ruffle his feathers.

Don’t ramble

Rambling on text is incredibly rude to men.  They totally hate this.  Say what you need to and don’t ramble on.  The more you ramble the more annoying your texts will become and the more he will start to tune out.

Be decisive

Don’t take a dozen texts to say what you could have said in one.  If you get the temptation to think out loud on text message he won’t like it.  Think first about what you are going to text, then send the text. This will make your texts more important as opposed to just, Oh no its just her spewing out random thoughts to me and tying up my phone again.

Don’t go from text to date or text to house visit

Avoid being a booty call by refusing to plan dates over text message and furthermore avoid letting him come over on an urge after texting you late at night.  If he tries to text you and arrange a date that way, or he tries to go from texting you late at night to showing up at your place late at night, it screams booty call.  To avoid being nothing more than someone he uses, just don’t respond to date requests or late night requests on text.  Send him a text back that says Call me if he does this.

Don’t argue on text or get belligerant on text

Don’t argue with him on text message because he will get totally offended and confused.  Save the argument for in person.  If you argue on text, your texts will soon become toxic poison to him. 

Alcohol can lead to getting belligerant so be sure not to text when intoxicated.  Remember, he might read those texts in the morning and decide that you are too wild and crazy for him.  Alcohol is like a truth serum that intensifies your feelings and emotions and enables you to do or say things that are stupid.  Don’t drunk text him or text him late into the night either.  If you text late at night he will think its OK for him to do the same.

Don’t get sleazy or naughty with him on text message

He might prod you to send inappropriate photographs, videos, or text messages but don’t fall into the trap.  Save this for a serious boyfriend that you can truly trust.  If you are just getting to know this guy it is inappropriate to send dirty pictures to his phone no matter how much he wants them.

Try to think of him losing his phone or leaving it out where a friend looks through it.  Would they find anything embarrassing from you?  If you don’t want other people to see it, just don’t send it.  Don’t get dirty on text messages lest you become his booty text girl.  The last thing you want to train him to do is only text you when he is horny. 

If you want him to treat you right and not think of you as a fantasy tool, don’t get into naughty stuff on text.   You never want to train him to only pay attention to you when you are heavily flirting.  He should care about your life and what you are up to, not just about flirting heavily with you.  Make sure the texts cover all topics not just things related to sex.  If he gets too crude just stop texting with him.  This suggests to him that he can’t get away with treating you like an object.

Don’t sext, and ignore him if he tries to

Don’t sext. Men categorize women as either good enough to be a girlfriend material, or good enough for just sex only.  If you want a relationship with him you want to stay as far away as possible from the second category.  Sexting puts you into the sex material category in his mind and that is why you should not do it.  You want to be girlfriend material not someone he uses like a girlie magazine.

Less is always more

Less is always more.  Wait a while before responding to his texts. You don’t have to be rude however don’t be jumping at every text he sends.  You don’t have to respond to everything nor do you have to respond right away to everything.  Give him a little mystery that he does not know what you are up to.  If you text back so quickly it can make him think you are too responsive, even desperate. 

Remember that men like to chase and pursue.  If you respond like a doormat he will treat you as such.  If he know that on a Friday night he can text you and for sure you will be available for plans last minute, then rest assured you will become his backup girl.  He won’t call you until all his other possibilities have been exhausted.

Don’t do a text breakup

Breaking up over text is immature and incredibly rude.  The way to avoid this is to keep most of your relationship in person and not on text message.  The more you relied on text message during the relationship the higher that chance that a breakup will occur on text message too.  The key is to act with integrity.  If you don’t wish to see someone then let them know. 

Unless they are scaring you, they deserve to have a phone call or a face to face conversation.  Sometimes breakup up on text just eggs them on to become either hostile or worse yet, a stalker.  Try to act with integrity and don’t get into breakup up or threatening to break up over text message.

Patience is a virtue

Women get too wound up in text message politics.  The key is to keep your etiquette on the up and up, don’t text him too much, don’t let the relationship degenerate to text message only, and don’t fight on text message.  Text message should be a fun add-on to the relationship, not the relationship itself.  When it comes to texting rules while dating him, patience is always a virtue.

The way to get a better relationship is to not allow him to manage you on text.  If he starts getting too raunchy, texts you to plan dates rather than calls you, ignores you, or only asks for plans last minute via text message, then he is treating you like an option not a priority.  The way to avoid this is to never let texting take over as the primary way that you communicate with one another. 

Tell him Call me when he tries to treat you like a text object so that he learns that he will get further with a phone call. Don’t keep him on the phone too long when he does call, because sometimes guys text as a time saver since they don’t want to get sucked into a conversation. You need to show him that calling you is easy so always make phone calls short, sweet and pleasant. You want him to think that the phone is a better way to talk to you so be nice on the phone!

If there isen’t dates and phone calls happening you may want to cut things off with him  You can do better than a guy who refuses to pick up the phone for you.  Men value what they have to work for.  The basic goal is to never be the psycho while allowing him to be the conqueror. Let a man invest some time into gaining your affection and then reward him reciprocally with your love and attention.


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