Sassy woman on POF adds this disclaimer to her Internet dating profile

Are you fed up with male daters who have taken to texting not calling? This completely cute girl anonymous wrote an excellent sum up of flaky text messages on her plenty of fish dating profile. It’s sassy and cute. Not sure she should be so up front on a dating profile because it does sound a smidgen jaded LOL, yet she nevertheless has a point. It pretty much sums up what so many women are thinking. Chivalry is somehow dead in the Internet dating jungle.

The sad part is, that when a woman encounters a rude cad on a dating site, or a few rude cads, her attitude changes to one like this. Suddenly she’s jaded and sending out warnings and disclaimers which makes her look like she’s been with jerks before. It changes the tone of her profile and takes it from a bouncy friendly free spirited one to one where she has to weed out jerks up front. It’s how perfect example of how encountering jerks can change your own attitudes and harden you.  See excerpt below. Do you ladies share her viewpoint?

Note: (I’m sad I even feel I have to write/include the following)
If you are just wanting to send me a message every so often on pof and not actually call or meet me, I am not interested in making a pen pal. As with most people, I appreciate the time I have and “filling” my time isn’t what I’m looking for. If you do get my number and never call, why get my number at all. If you get my number and decide to contact me, if you’re just going to text me all the time, it’s the same as you emailing me on here without talking or meeting. Plus if you do text and you message me “good morning beautiful”, please understand, that I will assume you are sending this in a group message to several people–esp., when the group responds back. (yup a classic feature on the I-phone). In other words, please be serious about meeting a person that you want to have fond feelings for, build a friendship, have fun, and are open to the possibility of it being your last first kiss :) It’s silly that I have to state the obvious. :(


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