Send me a sexy photograph baby. Oooh. That’s nice but I am going to need more than that…

Sexting is defined as the act of sending sexually explicit photographs between two mobile phones. The term has been popularized for years, formed from a partmanteau of the words sex and texting. It generally means sending a texts with sexy pictures in them.

A cosmo survey of over a thousand teens and young adults estimated that 20% of teenagers and 33% of young adults had sent semi-nude photographs of themselves electronically, such as by cell phones and texting and email. 39% of teens and 59% of young adults had sent sexually explicit text messages. Thats allot of sexts.

Messages with intimate content have been sent for ages via letters and printed photographs. In recent years, digital photos and videos have become a new form of social interaction on sites like youtube. Now, the technology is available on the smart phones. Instantly, you can snap an explicit photograph, annotate it with an explicit text message, and press send. Short videos can be shot and sent via smart phones in a matter of mere minutes.

The newer technology makes it so incredibly easy that more people take it upon themselves to use the services to sext message. They don’t have to involve third parties like the photo developing shop. They don’t need to print the photograph. It’s basically snap, text and send it. The kids use the technology too. The minute they get a cell phone they learn how to text, snap pictures, shoot videos and send them to friends.

If you have a partner, the sexting can be secretive and fun. But put that sext into the wrong hands and you might have a legal problem. It’s good to think twice about possible ramifications when sending revealing photographs by text. A tasteful photograph for a trustworthy romantic partner is one thing. A photograph for a person you met on the internet and went on one date with, is a whole other story.

Watch out who you send flirty pictures to, because you never know where they will end up. Always remember to think before you text. Don’t send messages in the heat of the moment that you will live to regret later.


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