Signs of disrespect

Is he ignoring your text?  Maybe he just is not that into you as they say.  Before panicking that you are being ignored, check this list of disrespect warning flags.  Odds are, if he is behaving 5 or more ways described on your list, his text games are the least of your worries.  Remember that men will only disrespect you as much as you allow them to.

Toe to toe

Toe to toe means that he expects reciprocation equally and tracks it. Most likely, if he is that way or you are that way, it is a problem. Men or women who are overly concerned about you doing your share may have issues and resentments from prior relationships, or from your history together. Most good relationships flow a bit better than that, and are not caught up in a constant tit for tat, especially early on.

Being late or not showing up at all

Being late with literally no excuse or notification is just rude. Not showing up at all, without even a text or a message, is even ruder. Men who regularly do this are often juggling different social options and rank you as low on the list. Another variant of this is when he talks about possibly having plans, getting your hopes up, but then never contacts you either way, leaving you feeling like you are hanging, when technically you never had plans in the first place. A man who really likes you remembers when he says maybe on things, and gets back to you to confirm yay or nay. He doesn’t just drop off into the weekend sunset on you.


Men make time for women they like, period. If he I constantly shuffling, rescheduling, has blackout times where he can’t see you, can’t muster a date on a Friday or Saturday night and only rears his head on Sunday afternoon, it is all a sign that you are not a big priority in his life and that he has plenty of things going on. Men know when they are coming and going. Men know what they are doing on Friday and Saturday nights. And if a man wants to see you, he will make it happen no matter how busy he is.


Lying is a bad sign. Have you caught him in lies little and large, and are somehow trying to rationalize it all in your head? A liar is a liar. Some women like a man so much, that they make excuses for a liar. Did he say he was moving into a house that he never even bought? Catching him in a few ridiculous lies are major big warning flags. Generally speaking, a man who is serious about a woman will not lie to her like he is waving hello in the street. For example, he won’t lie about his living situation because he actually wants her to come to his place. If he is lying, it is a sign that he is not concerned over the relationship ending. He lies just to lie, and if or when he gets caught, you are gone anyways.


Men who get nasty and sarcastic are likely to be very capable of being deeply mean. If he cuts down your looks, weight, career, intelligence, or personality this is a bad sign. For example, a man who says, well I will meet someone younger, hotter and more loaded than you, or some sort of thing, might just be saying this things in the heat of the moment. But just know, if he says such things, underneath it all is a seriously high level of contempt. Men who love you, even men who are going to fall in love with you, generally do not have this sort of level of nasty contempt. It’s a warning he can easily turn on you, rip you up, and hurt you emotionally. Men who care are generally careful, not careless, of your emotions.

Player behavior

Men who are flirting with other women openly, such as around you or on public social media, are sending you a message that they are still one hundred percent single. If he is staring at other women, making suggestive comments on their photographs, and acting lecherous in general, do not laugh it off as him being a flirt. It is actually a sign of disrespect. If you find out he is dating other women, bedding other women, seeing other women, online actively looking for other women, you should take it very seriously. These are signs of a man that is not overly interested in you. You are just a random person he is dating, is what he is saying with his behavior. Generally speaking, if a man is being a total flirt right under your nose, that behavior is not likely to change. You might be able to control him for a while, but always assume he will resort right back to his worst behavior. Healthy relationships tend to flow pretty well from the get go. They don’t go through a constant state of anxiety and distrust over other women. The relationship should be about you, not you and all the women dropping down on strings in his haunted house of other people he is seeing.

Breaking promises

A man who breaks promises is a warning sign and not in a good way. If he promises to do something for you, then fails to do it, and turns around and blames that on you, it shows he is not too keen on keeping his word. A perfect example is when he talks a good talk, but does not walk a good walk. He might say this and that, but he does not live up to it. For example he borrows money and promises to pay you back. You loan it to him, then he keeps saying he will pay it back and does not. Finally, he lets you be the one made out to be a nag, because he can’t keep a promise. By the way, don’t loan him money in the first place as it puts you in a position of having to chase him down for it. He should not be bumming money from you. He should pay for the first few dates no questions asked. If he really likes you, he will offer to pay knowing that every now and then you will offer to contribute.

Keeping you hidden or as a friend only

If he keeps you in a broom closet and never invites you to his house or invites you to meet any of his friends or roommates, he is not interested! Women slip into relationships that last for months while they live in the bubble and have never been outside the bubble. If his routine is to ask what’s in your fridge and come over and hang out so you can feed him and love him, but you don’t even know where he lives, this is a bad sign. This type of man might even end up moving in with you, if you offer him free flip house and free food twenty four seven. Just be sure you are rich enough to subsidize him. If it starts like this, it will continue, and most likely end like this. Men who do not import you into their lives and introduce you to family and roommates are not into you. This type of man, will be disrespecting you a lot more than just not answering a text message.

There are so many ways you can ascertain disrespect. If you are finding yourself devolving into a mental mind torque over where is he and why is he not answering you texts, look to the bigger picture and ask yourself if his text respect is just the tip of the iceberg. Usually it is. If you are tripping out over his text behavior and landing onto a site like this one, you can be pretty sure that he is disrespecting you in other ways as well. At the end of the day, somebody that can barely respond to a text and never picks up the phone to call you, is not someone who’s ring you should be throwing your hat into.


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