Signs that you are dating a womanizer

If you have never dealt with an alpha male before it can be very easy to fall prey to one.  These men are womanizers and they are good at what they do because the have had lots and lots of practice.

Some of the character traits of a womanizer are that he is charming, smooth, flirtatious, witty, interested, confident, and sexy.  He knows all the tricks as to how to make you feel as though you are special or different from other women.  But the difference between a womanizer and a genuine man with relationship intentions is that the womanizer has the objective of getting into your pants.  His goal is not to have a relationship with you, but rather simply to have you.

Just because a guy is a flirt does not mean he is a womanizer.  But if you have serious butterflies but shadows of doubt, it’s good to be protective of your heart.  Be safe not sorry, and look for obvious signs that the guy you think is prince charming is really just a womanizer.

A womanizer has a Casual hangout attitude

The first sign that you are with a womanizer is that he manages to skip on by the dates after the first one or two, and moves to quick texts like Wanna hang out, or I can be there in 45 minutes or less, or When am i seeing you.  These are signs that he is just trying to hook up with your body not with you.  Genuine interest just doesn’t go like that. If a man is genuinely interested he’ll ask you questions about everything and anything, not just a rendezvous. 

If he has a casual attitude about hanging out and making last minute plans with no forethought, beware.  There is a big difference between being spontaneous in planning dates and calling you after the bars close in the wee hours of the morning.  Calling you as a backup plan or an ending to a night that already happened is just rude, not spontaneous.

A womanizer has a merry-go-round of single women friends

He’s into text and face-book whirl-winding, with women rotating in.  You can see if a man is dating numerous women rather easily by just watching how operates with his cell phone and on social media.  A guy that is dating prolifically will have a few new girls flop on to his facebook or social media profiles every couple weeks.  And the girls will look obviously single. 

Single girls tend to rotate their profile pictures a lot and show off their looks.  They are working it, so to speak.  Married people or people not on the prowl rarely update their pictires and if they do its to post a picture of the kids, family, pets or something more mundane than cleavage, sexy poses, skirts with high slits or come after me heels.  If your guy is a womanizer he won’t hesitate to make comments on women’s posted photos.  Comments such as “You are gorgeous”, “So sexy”, “Can I help you”, “You kill me” and so on are clear indicators that he is actively interested in flirting up other women.  If he’s all over their pictures with blatant compliments oozing out, one can only imagine what is going on with his texts to her that you can’t see.

A womanizer is private about his phone and personal life

A womanizer is notoriously private about things like where he lives, who his friends are, and keeping his cell phone and computer under wraps.  A womanizer is a master at compartmentalizing women. You won’t see a womanizer leave his cell phone flopping out.  His ring tone will be on vibrate and silent and he’ll get texts and calls that he won’t take when around you.  If he texts other girls frequently and is glued to his iPhone it may be a sign he is out on the singles market.  Men like to be shady in general but when he is a womanizer his private life will be on lock down from you.  You’ll feel the secrecy in how he operate.  That vibe you get should not get ignored because if you think he is secretive, trust me he is.

He’s ridiculously busy and full of stupid excuses

A womanizer is always ridiculously busy because he is running his regular life with job and family and then juggling a dating life which is extremely time consuming.  If he is online he could be communicating with 10 or 12 women on email.  At any given time he might be dating a few of them for a while and then just getting to know new ones that come into the queue.  Women that figure him out fall off the queue and disappear when they realize what he is about and his games.  They’ll either ditch him and hate his guts, or stick around and let themselves get dragged into his crazy dating harem. 

A womanizer always has drama going on but he’ll be the type to say he hates drama.  Meanwhile, he lives in a three ring grass is greener dating circus.  A womanizer will therefore compartmentalize you and you won’t even come close to meeting his posse and family at the early stages of dating.  He’ll charm you and make you feel like the two of you are alone in a romantic bubble but bubble is the operative word.  If he is not dragging you on errands or wanting to show you to his friends at all, he’s got other women in the fray.  You might not be the only one he is bringing around. 

Look for the obvious.  If his buddies have a barbecue every Sunday and they all bring girlfriends yet you’ve never met the friends or been invited, understand that he is leaving you out of his social circle on purpose.  If a man likes you and is interested in spending time with you, he won’t have a problem bringing you around his life and his house and his friends.

A womanizer is fake busy all the time and full of stupid excuses.  Weekends will slip by and you’ll never hear from him.  He’ll say he’s busy at work, dealing with family, and so on.  Months can slip by in busy mode while a relationship stagnates and stays at an occasional date every so often.  If you feel like you are getting little scraps or rations of him, that is what you are getting.  He’s spread too thin and got you on a rotation.  Don’t buy into all his excuses.  If a man likes a woman they mysteriously make take for them.

Tall tales and plans that never happen

A womanizer can usually weave a web of mean lies.  You might get some real tall tales and inventive stories from him because he is used to lying to cover up his duplicitous activity.  If you get the vibe you’re getting a line of bull, you probably are.

Another clue about a womanizer is that he talks about a lot of plans that you and him are going to have, that never really pan out.  You’ll find yourself talking about vacations, you two being together, and other future things while meanwhile never going on dates or getting out and doing things together.  With a womanizer there is constant talk about plans yet constant absence of actual plans.  Mostly its casual dates near a couch or bed and bull crap talk about plans.  If you are involved with a womanizer you’ll find yourself in a total fantasy world talking about plans with him but never really having them.  Look at his actions (are you having plans yes or no) not his words (talking about plans and making future promises).  The actions speak volumes.

Where there is smoke there is fire

A womanizer will purposely avoid holidays with you.  He will let your birthday, Valentine’s day, holidays and days of meaning slip by without wishing you well or putting you on his thought pole.  In fact, womanizers are notorious for claiming they hate these occasions.  The point is that they don’t want you to have boyfriend expectations.  They prolong the casual dating period when there is little obligation required on their part other than to just try to get intimate.  When responsibility for your happiness come in, they crack and cave.  They just aren’t available and aren’t there for you.

One easy way to route out a womanizer is to simply ask a woman that he has dated (or you think he has dated) about him.  The fact that you had to ask around behind his back is your first warning sign that something is amiss.  And, believe it or not, you actually might get an honest answer from the woman you ask.  Hello I am dating x and was wondering about if he is serious or what your experience with him was.  It’s not being a snoop it’s being self protective. 

If women covered their bums so to speak they could find out what they need to know from follow women before getting deeply involved with somebody.  If a guy is a player you are sure to get a note back saying that he’s a loser or something caustic.  You can glean a lot of information from this.  Where there is smoke there is fire.  If there is a scorned woman he left behind why would you think your chances with this womanizer are any better than hers were.  Where there is smoke there is fire.  Womanizers usually have a cadre of women haning on, moving in or out of the picture, and being left upset and feeling used. 

He might not realize or care about his toying with emotions.  But if you think you are dating a womanizer and are bold enough to ask around about him, you will probably find out the truth.  It’s pushy to snoop, yet it’s self preservation if snooping is indicated.  In fact, men respect women who take care of themselves and are careful about who they associate with.  After all, you don’t know what rock this guy crawled out from under.

A womanizer comes on like a cheap suit then vanishes

One last tip about a womanizer.  To route out a womanizer you must look at how soon he follows up with you after a date.  That says it all.  Because when he wants you or thinks he’s going to lose you then a womanizer is going to be all over you buttering you up and calling you special names.  But once he has what he wants, the phone line lies dead.  If he comes on fast then leaves you high and dry with little follow up after dates, it is a sign you are with a womanizer.  How soon a man follows up with you after seeing you means everything.

A womanizer will wait a week, weeks and even months to get back in touch with you.  A man that is really into you will follow up soon after a date wanting to see you a gain and make plans,  A womanizer won’t do that.  He’ll go MIA for a week or more then rear up again out of the blue.  A womanizer won’t let you have constant or consistent contact and access to him.  When you are with a womanizer, he will keep you in total and permanent sporadic-ville.

When you are with a womanizer your relationship with him just won’t progress to anything more meaningful.  It will be a permanent carrot on a stick treatment where you never ever, ever get the carrot.  With a womanizer time will stand still.  Your relationship with him after a year passes will be no different than it was eight months earlier.  It won’t progress because he doesn’t want it to, and doesn’t allow it to.  You’ll think he’s been busy and yes he has been busy, with another woman he is womanizing also.


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