Signs that you are getting dumped on text when you act like a Pysco girlfriend

Men don’t like clingy unstable girlfriends and unfortunately the less they are into you the correspondingly more clingy, unstable and psyco you naturally become. If you have obsessive tendencies but are otherwise pretty normal texting can become a major factor in you getting dumped and deemed a psyco. So you don’t get incredibly shell shocked here are the signs that dumping by text and his disappearance act is imminent.

First, he’s going to make a decision that he wants to leave. In your gut you might know when it happens perhaps after a fight or argument. From that moment forward, while you are starting to flip out he’s calmly hatching his exit plan and it usually involves maybe a backup girl to lean on to make it easier on his member.

Next, you are going to notice him create text space, and alot of it. Your text air waves are going to go blank and he will go missing in action. You just won’t hear from him and if you press it he will have logical excuse ducks all in a row and they will also all be bullsh-t excuses.

Then what comes next is him letting you know via a text message in no uncertain terms that he does not wish to continue to try anything with you. It will be something like, I want to move on with my life. No there is noone else. Move on because I am. Grow up and be an adult and deal with it. I do not wish to be in a relationship. No I don’t want to get together. The texts will be pretty solid and decisive. He’ll try to stay nice and professional and adult about it but if your start to torture him and suck him in to the why oh whys he may start to crack, curse and call you a dumb -itch that can’t accept it’s over between him and you period. Deal with it.

If he thinks or knows that you are a basket case or totally emotional or just plain in love with him he might start to say things like you need help or suggest you talk to a family member or counseler. He’ll be quasi concerned with you but much more concerned about getting the hell away from you successfully.

Two way discussions will stop at this point. He’ll ignore texts, emails, phone calls and pleadings, get back any belongings he needs to in order to permanently untangle himself from you. He’ll realize you probably can’t handle even being friends at this point so he’ll de-friend you on facebook and social networks and make sure to investigate how to hide his profiles and friend lists and reset his privacy so you can’t see when he is online, whose picture he’s leaving a ur hot comment on, or who he is dating. If he knows you won’t give up he’ll block you on all settings that he can figure out. If you are on the same dating site he will click that little X box so he no longer has to see or look at you.

Congratulations, he just got out of the hell of being with you and now all your texts will fall onto deaf ears and he’ll even change his phone number or block your incomings if his cell plan allows selective blocking of phone numbers. If you seriously start to harrass or threaten him he will methodically create a document log because he knows you aren’t going to give up so easily and he will have concerns if you do anything scary to him including showing up on his door step. He’ll remind himeself over and over how happy he is to be over such an unhealthy relationship with you.

He’ll have a little coping to do but far less than you will. If he is handsome and available he will have little problem finding prettier and younger substitutions for you and he’ll move on. If this man loved you at all it will only be after a long long time that he will dip a toe into talking to you again. If you did have some deep chemistry going he might miss you but not for a long long time like months and several girlfriends later.

Trying to get a guy back that is really mentally done with you will rarely work out. At best you’ll get him to sleep with you once in a while and at worst he’ll charge you for the act of sex or just see how low you are willing to go to be with him to boost his ego once in a while. The only hope is to move on yourself and quit hassling him so you don’t get into trouble. Break out the how to get over him cliff notes as you will be needing them. If you are under 30 you should be able to pick up pieces and find some other men with which to mildly distract your misery.

Over 40 women will have an especially hard time because the pool of available men is smaller so they will be sleeping hugging a teddy bear for quite a while (or be doing something stupid, regrettable and inappropriate with a much younger guy). Brace yourself its a tough ride but all women go through it at one point or another. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, at least we’d like to hope. Realizing that men have it easier in second lives with women and that thems the breaks is a more practical way to deal with the heartbreak. The cards just aren’t stacked in your favor and knowing that simple unchangeable fact helps you alot.


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