Signs you should stop texting him

Here are three simple and telling signs that you should stop texting a man (or woman).  It may seem obvious, but it is amazing how women can get so caught up in a guy that they conduct a relationship that consists of primarily texting him, but getting little in return, for months if not years.  Sometimes you might get a crumb but you will see that you never evolve into a relationship.  Here are the signs to look for, and if you see them, please, just stop texting that man altogether.

Red flag #1 He doesn’t text or call after sex

Any man who waits a week or two or more to call you after he had sex with you, is a ma you should not text.  This man is not that busy, emotional, preoccupied, or whatever.  A man who likes you is going to touch base with you after sex simply because he wants to and not because he feels obligated or he knows that he can just wait and look around for other women until you text him.  It just means he is not into you and does not have that emotional connection if he can get intimate with you and then easily disappear.  The easier it is for him to disappear the more you know he is with someone else or seeing several other women.

Women tend to make excuses for men.  They invent excuses for him, and after a while break down and text or call him, because they miss him.  Guess what he did not miss you enough to get in touch with you.  More importantly, he purposes waits until you contact him because it takes all responsibility off his back, at least in his mind.  Now you are the one pursuing a man who won’t even commit to a phone call, an he figures if you are pursuing it, you are okay with it.  It is your responsibility.  One he gets you trained to where he sees you then goes missing until you grovel after him and then and only then dos he respond, you are set in stone as a hookup girl.  If he doesn’t bother to call you soon after sex, he just is not into you, and you should not text him up.  By texting him you are pretending a relationship exists that doesn’t.

Red flag #2 He doesn’t call, he only texts

Men that are looking for casual relationship and hookups will only text you.  Once you are intimate with them, they just stop calling you.  If you notice a man who acted interested but now he only texts you and sees you on occasion when it is convenient for him, is not interested in you.  Men are better equipped to have casual relationships so just because you hang out here and there does not mean he is into you.  A man who likes a woman, manages to pick up the phone and call her every once in a while.  Granted, everyone loves to text.  Every one texts.  But if he likes you, he will also call you every now and then because he actually wants to talk to you.  If all you are getting is texts from him, take it as a sign that his interest level is low.  If he mostly just responds to your texts but never initiates, it is also a sign his interest level is low.  Don’t keep texting a man with a low interest level because it will just lower his interest level even more.  He will know he can have you and meanwhile be looking for new people.  You’re there is he needs you.  Don’t text a man (or woman) with this type of attitude.  If he wouldn’t even know you got hit by a bus (until you texted him) he is a guy who you should stop texting.

Red flag #3 He doesn’t call or text period

Can you stop texting him for a few weeks and watch him go off into the wild blue yonder and never get in touch you?  Don’t text him.  If you never hear from the guy (unless you reach out) he is just not interested in you.  Stop texting this person.  Women can go years in a delusional relationship with someone who they text all the time never realizing this very important little point: they aren’t texting you and are merely responding to texts that you send every now and then, to boost their ego and keep you around in case they get desperate.

Hopefully these obvious red flags will let you know not to text him.  If he never gets in touch after sex, texts you but never calls you, or never initiates contact with you at all unless you reach out to him first, he is definitely a man you should stop texting.  If you stop texting for a month and see that he never gets in touch with you, it will prove your suspicions and you can get back to reality and give up on him.  His interest level is too low and not likely to change.

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