Smothering your relationship with him to death with Text Messages

I had so much fun last night on our second date. You are the man of my dreams and I am getting off the internet because I’ve truly found the one. You are beautiful in every way. I can’t wait to see you again (and you probably won’t now because you smothered him with too much affection)

Men hate smothering. Take it from me, nothing will send a man running for the hills faster than a woman who is smothering him. If you want to hold on loosely and keep your man around and interested, don’t smother text him.

Don’t smother him in mushy love texts, pester him with what are doing and how is your day and what are you thinking about right now and good night honey texts. Don’t text your boyfriend over and over multiple times a day. It’s truly smothering. Put him in the oven and let him bake on his own. Don’t check on him via text message all the time. He does not want you to act like his mother or probation officer (unless he’s that weird). Don’t act like the police and he won’t run away from you.

Don’t text message back and forth all the time. Don’t text message your boyfriend back and forth back and forth for hours on end. It may seem like a lot of fun, but it’s making yourself so available that he does not even have to call you much less see you. He can just do whatever the heck he wants and you will still be there. Forget that. Unless you’re totally bonded and he’s like out of town on a trip or something, let him see you not text you. The more you enable him to communicate via text, the less he’ll communicate via normal means like the phone or in person.

Don’t text him declaring your love and adoration. Don’t tell him how you love him so deeply. Don’t do it on text. It’s repelling and women who do it comes off as desperate. He doesn’t want to open his phone to five beeps and five declarations of love. This is especially true if you just met him off the internet for example and don’t honestly know him from. It’s also true if you send him too many texts after physical intimacy. He’ll be like, oh no what did I sign up for. He’ll start to back peddle because you are forward peddling him with sending love declarations.

If you upset your boyfriend and he goes away, don’t beg him repeatedly with text messages asking him to come back. Texting three times a day trying to make up is less effective than taking a few weeks break then texting him to say Hi or Sorry or whatever. I know it seems like you’ll lose him and he’ll find someone else. But honestly, texting him smothering apologies all day long is not going to stop him from breaking it off with you or finding someone else. So what’s the point of the smother texts. Right, none.

Don’t drunk text message him. That’s more of a guy thing. If you drunk text message him he is going to be tempted to demote you from girlfriend to the backup plan girl if when and if you do make up. Don’t even begin to drunk text. Unless, of course, that’s how you want him to treat you when you get back together.

Don’t downgrade your expectations or let yourself be demoted to a text only relationship. If you smother your boyfriend with texts that drive him away be careful to discern what his agenda is when he comes back. If he comes back only text messaging you then your text messages managed to really wreck it. Now, you’re the text girl in the text space, totally out of reality, real space, and not his girlfriend.

Be careful not to smother your relationship to death with Text Messages. If you do, you are opening yourself up to two god awful behavior possibilities from him. The first thing is that your smothering texts might drive him away because its a turn off and he’ll see you as both needy and controlling. The second thing is that he might leave, come back and buy into your text messaging madness and stick to just texting you. You’ll be downgraded into the textosphere which is where you don’t want to be. Keep texts fun, upbeat, and infrequent. Then, you won’t seem like his mother (or nagging wife) or ball and chain.


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