SMS etiquette tip common courtesey rules

Common courtesey rules. Don’t be constructing a text message right in the middle of actually talking to someone in real life. It’s considered rude. Imagine if you took a phone call in the middle of a conversation that is face to face. It is no different with texting. I’ve been at parties where people are sitting in a living room gathering and someone is texting.

You might be immersed in the text but the others sitting around you will likely think your texting is rude, especially if they are into manners. If its a bunch of partying college kids well then its a different story, but you’re probably with that company because you’re young or have an addictive personality. Not surprising then, that you’d be texting. Mellow and accepting company is still no excuse for being rude. It’ll create bad habits and then when you obliviously text during a family event you will get called out on it by your relatives.

With the world of online dating, single adults have now become teenagers all over again. Daters over forty act as though they are buzzed when it comes to texting, even if they aren’t. If you are on a date don’t text. If you are a parent or concerned about your kids then say excuse me to the date and check the sender’s identity to see if it is someone actually important. Another man you are dating, or your best friend wanting scoop, doesn’t have to be texted while you are on your present date.

A babysitter asking you if it’s ok to do this or that, might warrent your response. A tween might warrent a text back as they always desperately need you when you are on a date haha Murphy’s law. If it were a real emergency, you’d probably get a phone call.

Common courtesey rules is a rule that is ageless. Always look around your environment and see if anyone would think it rude that you were texting. If so, wait until later or take it to the restroom. You won’t be rude to the friends you are with, and the person you are texting will be salivating with anticipation for that text if you hold off and text them a little bit later. It’s a win win to wait.


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