Spying on a boyfriend or spouse by reading text messages on their mobile phone

Are you tempted to snoop his text messages? You can definitely purchase software to spy on a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. You can get information about calls they have made and recieved. When you monitor text messages you’ll get the phone number of the sender and reciever, the SMS date and time, and the content of the SMS message itself.

If you strongly believe your husband or wife is being disloyal to you then you probly have a gut feeling and some evidence already. Spying on someones mobile phone can be considered unethical and down right illegal. I would think seriously before installing spy software on someones mobile phone.

You might be able to capture hard evidence of disloyalty but ask yourself if it is worth it. Even in divorce cases the fact that you took such steps will make you look almost as unappealing as your spouse in a court of law. Yes, you might be able to obtain evidence, yet you yourself will look like you trying to dirty up your spouse through sleezy means. Generally speaking, courts side with the parties that are ethical, truthful and honest (and have the best lawyer). So, think twice before becoming a sneak.

Sometimes, a split up is imminent and perhaps you just need some confirming information to proove what you already dread. Sometimes, proof is what it is going to take in order to get up the wherewithal to really leave this person and this realtionship. Proof that this person is lying to your face is going to be extremely hurtful when you do uncover it.

In the case where proof is needed, you may not need spy software. Sometimes just a peek at his or her phone or phone bill is all you need. Maybe just to confirm that calls are going in and out to another woman or man. Sad to say, that if you are looking for such proof when you get it, be forewarned that it might be the death knell of your relationship.

Think twice before spying on someones phone. If you love this person you might want to address your relationship problems with them head on and ignore trying to proove or uncover the evidence of their potential cheating or infidelity. While some cheaters may just be pathological cheaters who you should get away from, there are cheaters who are cheating as a direct result of problems in their relationship with you.

For example, if you have problems and have not had sex in a year then don’t be shocked that they may look for that and find that outside of your relationship. Therefore, try to address your relationship itself and not focus solely on the cheating or proof of the cheating.

Every one is entitled to their privacy and snooping his or her cell phone is a sign of disrespect. Some couples do it and some don’t. Uncovering cheaters text messages, phone calls, emails, and credit card billing history are the typical ways that cheaters are found out.

Always remember that when you violate the cheaters privacy it gives them a reason to be extremely angry with you as well. Violation of privacy could lead to a break up or huge fights. Better to stay on the up and up and address the relationship problems directly. Tell them you suspect cheating and ask them if they want to come clean and/or work on the relationship as you do not wish to become a spy. You risk them becoming more secretive but you keep your own behavior on the up and up.

Peeking at a cheaters text phone to read incoming and outgoign text messages is a bit shady but sometimes you need to do it in order to confirm what you dread. Be forewarned you may not like what you find and it may lead you right down the path to an unwanted breakup. If you discover cheating you might have to break up to save face which is not what you really wanted in the first place.

Peeking is generally more accepted than maliciously installing cell phone spy software. Though in both cases, you can assume that if you are in this status a breakup or fallout is imminent. Sometimes, just taking the higher ground by not invading a persons privacy, is the best solution. You can generally put two and two together and don’t need hard evidence. Trust your gut. Also, the truth may really shock you and cause you to behave stupidly or dangerously. It’s likely not worth the snooping.

If you do share a phone with this person then you have the right to look at the phone bill. You can usually see the call history and gain information about if they are seeing someone or communicating secretly with someone, just through that means. At least in that case, you are doing something that is well within your rights.


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