Talk, Text, Ticket

Love relationships set off those heated emotions between man and woman, that often causes them to do stupid behaviors. One such stupid behavior is texting relationship oriented communications while driving. Trust me that sending or reading a text from your boyfriend is not something you want to get a ticket for, or get into a car crash for. Just remember the texting laws, Talk, Text, Ticket.

Texting that beau can cost you money. That relationship text you send or recieve causes your eyes to move away from the road. In essense, texting behind the wheel makes you into a drunk driver. Instead of driving while under the influence, you are texting while under the influence.

If your texting causes a car accident you will be held at fault. Especially if your auto accident coverage limits are low, a simple text while driving has the potential to financially ruin you. You’ll be liable for the damages resulting from the crash and your insurance rates will skyrocket when they assess an at fault car accident penalty fee and add it to your policy each renewal.

The new hang up and drive campaigns are in full force for a reason: safety. Across the states, individual states are setting up new cell phone statutes and particularly putting texting laws into effect and they are strict.

If police see you holding a phone to your ear or texting while driving, they can pull you over and ticket you. Tickets are over one hundred dollars (prices range from $125-$175) and they could be much more if your distraction happens to cause some sort of collision. You would be at fault.

At fault insurance penalty fees for accidents can add $200 or more to your six month auto policy costing you $400+ dollars per year more in insurance for several years until the accident falls off your record. You’d also be held responsible for the entire accident if it is determined you are at fault. Depending on your auto insurance coverage and limits, a texting car accident where someone is really hurt could potentially put you into financial ruins and even bankruptcy.

Not only do the new laws mean no talking on handheld cell phones while driving, they mean no texting while driving. Because teens are the biggest texters, they are enouraged not to use wireless devices whatsoever while driving and are only legally able to use them if they are reporting an emergency.

Studies show that cell phone drivers are just as impaired as drunk drivers at a blook alcohol level of .08%. If you are texting while driving studies show that you look down for 5 seconds at a time on average. That is enough time to cover more than a sports field when you are driving at freeway speeds of 55-65 miles per hour.

Texting can be considered even more dangerous than holding a cell phone to the ear because your eyes avert from the road totally and completely while you are looking at the little words on the cell phone screen. Obvisouly if a text is important enough for you to read or send while driving then you will be distracted. If you are looking at a mobile phone screen then you are not looking at the road.

Needless tragic accidents can definitely be caused by texting while driving. Examples of young drivers being hurt or killed from texting accidents abound. For example, you might have remembered news stories about Heather Lerch who was texting at the time of her tragic car accident death. These accidents reinforce the message of the texting laws which are meant to prevent needless tragedies. A side effect is that the city makes extra money by giving out the texting tickets.

The danger of texting and driving is definitely real. Some texts could be for random reasons such as asking your text buddy for directions or communicating with a friend. However, many driving texts can be directly linked to the obsessive texting that happens in relationships.

If you are obsessively texting a boyfriend or girlfriend it is just the type of communication that might cause you to get emotional and not think. Then, you are more inclined to do such texting faux pas such as texting messages unsafely while behind the wheel.

If you are in love and in a fight, argument, or tryst, beware the temptations of becoming so wrapped up in the relationship (or demise of it) that you text while doing things that require your attention in order to be done safely. The child walking across the street without looking doesn’t expect you to be wrapped up in a text argument with your beau. Just one second of obsessively texting your love interest can change someones life so Be Safe when texting above all else.


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