Text game as it relates to dating her

Here are some general texting tips for men when it comes to dates. If you are texting prior to meeting a woman for a date, or you barely know her, then these initial texts should make her feel comfortable enough with you enough to meet her. Don’t send texts without thinking because putting a tiny bit of thought in before you press the send button is to your advantage. When ever you write a text message to her double check it before you press the send key. If there are any doubts, don’t send it to her. Text has its advantages since you can formulate good things to say on the one hand, on the other it is juvenile if overused and has its limitations. If you really like her make sure to always put in a phone call when asking her out. Here are some tips for improving your text game.

Comfort level

You can use a little humor to make her feel comfortable. Do not go all sexual or too suggestive via text before you have even met her. It will scare her off. Instead, give her praise and validation. A few over the top compliments would do the trick, for example, tell her how gorgeous she is!

Stick to logistics

Never talk the day away or keep texting back and forth with her for hours on end. Deliver few compliments and focus on logistics, which means planning details for when you will be able to get together with her. Keep that focus and don’t meander off onto serious or ridiculous topics with her. She does not need to know that you just had Carls Junior for lunch.

Do not become predictable

Do not allow a predictable texting pattern to develop. Don’t write her every morning at 8:00am like clockwork since that’s too boring. Be busy a lot, if you have a valid reason to. Don’t respond right away to all of her texts, but every once in a while respond quickly. That should leave her waiting to hear from you and you will be on her mind because of it. End some of the text exchanges with a question for her or something she needs to get back to you about. That leaves it on her to initiate conversation again. The point is to get a message across to her and then stop texting. If you play the dynamic right you should be able to drop her and pick her up when you want to because she’ll always be hoping then happy to hear from you. Small unpredictable spikes of attention works better than back and forthing all day long or at the same predictable time of day.

Remain somewhat indifferent

If you feel compelled to answer a text right now, don’t. For example, let’s say a plan got canceled and she is a tad miffed and says something sarcastic. You don’t want to respond impulsively. She might just be venting so why start an issue over it? Review all texts that you write before pressing the send button on them. If a texts sounds impulsive or if there is a shadow of a doubt whether to send it, then don’t. Put it into your Drafts and look at it again later to see if you really want to send it. If she is complaining on text you can always disregard her texts and ditch the conversation completely instead responding. You can always text her back the next day on a totally new topic.

Use mirroring

Use mirroring to monitor how your conversations are going. If her responses aren’t longer than your texts and her response time is intermittent at best then bow out of the communication and call her later on instead. You don’t want her waffling over plans you two are making. Use mirroring to make sure that your text tempo aligns with hers. If she’s up for chatting then fine but if she seems distracted then sign off. You don’t want to appear needy or vying for her attention, but rather appear interested yet busy with you own life.

Know how invested she is

When you first meet a girl she may not be that invested in you therefore its best not to play games. Compliment her and make her comfortable. It’s only once she is invested in making things happen with you that you can use little ploys to heighten her anticipation and attraction to you. For example, if she seems disinterested or acts like she has you wrapped around her finger too much, then you can take a longer than normal time to reply to her texts. If you are mad at her you can ignore her texts. If you are starting to feel like a doormat while she juggles other men then get busy yourself. Don’t be at her beck and call. Instead, send her a text that you are busy for a week without any proposal as to when you will touch base again. Then, get busy. Give her a chance to miss you. Remember that in order for her to miss you, she has to genuinely like you first.


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