Text message breakup

Hey… So Sorry but this just isen’t working out. If you want to stay friends or hookup every once in a while I’m up for that but just not ready for a relationship (with you they mean)

According to the urban dictionary, to break up with someone via a text message is the lowest blow of the lowest blow. It’s highly looking down upon in the dating world. Even though it’s pretty much the ultimate sign of disrespect in the dating world that there is, it happens all the time. I repeat, it happens all the time. So, don’t be surprised if it happens to you. Texting didn’t exist back in the day so obviously you couldn’t text breakup since you couldn’t text period.

One of the reasons its happening more is due to the crummy economy and internet dating. Dating just isen’t what it used to be. It used to be that people met through every day lives. With the advent of the internet, a whole dimension of alienation has been added to dating.

For one thing, in many cases there are not even dates. This may change, but right now, every one is so concerned with money these days, and rightfully so, that they are extremely guarded when it comes to actually parting with their money. The guys calculate down to the dime the cost of dating. And with this economic pinch comes a new breed of relationships: casual ones. Very casual. Ones that don’t even involve dating at all. These are the non-relationships and text message is a breeding ground for them.

When you meet and date someone from your home town with whom you have mutual friends, you have reasons to retain a modicum of etiquette. You run in the same circles so if you date someone and it doesn’t work out, you’re more likely to treat him or her with common decency and break up in person or over the phone. It’s your reputation, and the fact that this person is cut from the same cloth as you.

Teens might even ignore home town values too, so they might break up on text even if you’re the girl next door. For the most part, dating people you’ve met organically as opposed to electronically tends to garner more respect. If you met on the net, breakups can be ruthless and text is the most common means of quickly and hurtfully delivering the bad news.

With the internet dating trend, relationships are way more fly by night, and way more casual too. You might meet for coffee or hook up a few times and then realize this person is not for you. You meet them online yet in reality they might be from a few towns over and the chances of coming across this individual again in person are relatively slim. So, you might just cut ties with a simple text message. It’s just not working out, so sorry buh bye. And thats how it goes. So, while urban dictionary called it a low blow, it’s also a completely common practice.


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