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Love can’t Blossom in a Text Message

Love won’t blossom in a text message. In fact, sweet nothings sent via short message services (SMS) are rather useless. How would you like to be told that someone loves you or doesn’t love you, over a text message? Most couples aren’t naive enough to run their relationships on text message but that means the remaining couples are naive enough.

More and more couples are using texts to express feelings, conduct fights, make plans with each other, and even get intimate with each other! Since most people have their cell phones with them all the time, texts are the simplest easiest way to communicate. Plus, its just words you don’t have to be on the date or even look good for video chat or web cam conferencing on skype. It started with talk back in the Unix days, the next decade AIM and IM instant messaging were the biggest deals ever, and now text has stepped in to take over as the primary way people chat.

Sweet nothings

Love messages on text are called sweet nothings because in a sense they pretty much are sweet nothings. Notice the word, nothings. You’ve got 160 characters or less to connect with a date quickly and efficiently.

Women think texts are endearing

Women tend to think that text messages are touching, cute and funny. They actually put thought into sending and receiving texts from a boyfriend or man they are seeing. They obsess over when he’ll text and what cute thing think he’ll say. They spend minutes, hours, days and more doing gymnastics over the text messages. Women put way to much weight in a silly text and assign way too much meaning to it and therefore are way more likely to flip out over misinterpretations which are also all too common on text message. To women, text messaging can be an emotional way to bond.

Men think texts are a convenient medium for managing their relationships

Men tend to text for totally different reasons. They do it more to manage relationships with their women. They don’t care about bonding with them per se. They care about conveniently getting a message across or keeping in touch because that’s what she wants. It works great for him because he can communicate without ever having to lift their dialing finger or croak a toad voice out on ahem a phone call. It’s called doing what they have to do in the easiest short cut way possible and requiring the least amount of real effort.

The battle of the Sexes on Text

Now, women and men are starting to fight on text. Women want to bond on text but they don’t want their relationships conducted on text. They still want chivalry and for crying out loud, a phone call and a date. In this economy where expensive date are no longer the norm, men are winning. They can ask you out on text and even keep in touch with multiple women on text without them intercepting one another.

Have you not ego stroked your girlfriend lately? Send her some instant gratification by way of a quick text message saying hi. Ask her if she wants to meet up via text. Want to catch a movie or better yet rent one and watch it at your place later? In a weird way, texting has become tangled up with the economic downturn. It’s not just avoiding a date these days due to finances, it’s even avoiding the phone call that precedes the date!

Men fare better on Text and technology in general

Men fare much better on text messages. In fact the buffet approach to meeting and dating via internet dating sites and text message, is a cost effective and efficient way for men to get to dates. With text message they don’t have to put themselves out on a limb and make phone calls. They can gage and judge interest with a quick text message. They can get frisky without even having to talk, stand up or get up , or go anywhere. And heavy texters do more than that, they juggle women using text message as a convenient way to do it.

Text is becoming a notorious way to cancel plans. The message is short, you just say can’t make it, done. If they want to complain they are going to have to send a lot of retorts to do it, and if they call to voice a complaint just let it roll over into voice mail. Not only that, men become totally set in their ways and once they get trained that they can keep in touch with you on text you can’t train them off.

For example if he asks you out via text message and you let him know that it annoys you and that you will only see him for a date if its planned by a phone call because that’s your preferred method of communication, you might just never hear from the guy again. He’s trained to text and he is not changing over night. In fact, he’ll just send you a text if he wants to see you and if you as the female need the phone call then you need to call him back!

Casual Relationships

The biggest boon of texting for men is that it is totally built for casual relationships. It’s like casual relationships and texting go together like birds of a feather go together. For women, this is bad news because we all know that women with the exception of those who are explicitly looking for only daliances, don’t want casual relationships. Some women feel that they don’t have many dating opportunities so they tolerate casual relationships and are only doing what they feel they have to do because of the slim pickings in their age brackets.

Texting can be a cute way to break ice or relay a quick note or small message such as running late. But if the bulk of your relationship is being handled on text, you are not in a relationship at all. It’s a casual relationship if that. Some women are falling for this texting false illusion and they get involved in entire relationships that start, exist and finally end with a text message. Aside from a handful dates planned using the text, there is no real relationship! And, the man doesn’t have to bother to explain it because if its run on text by definition its nothing so they assume the women gets it but women don’t.

Game Playing

Text message has become the playground of the game players. The ones who do less and less and less, and see how little they can get away with in a relationship and still get what they want which most often is access to convenient physical relations with this woman. Hopefully, they don’t even half to shell out for a date since the economy is awful and every ones wallet is in a pinch. Gee thank god for text.

Fighting it out on text via rants and spiteful messages is also a common phenomenon. Its actually pretty pathetic because usually when this happens the person is screening out your phone calls so you are forced to this lower medium of expressing anger and venting over some silly text message system. It’s the ultimate rejection. Take it to the text mats because you aren’t worth talking to on the phone. Especially if you are an emotional wreck that yells or over reacts, your partner will relegate your duke it outs to text message. That way they don’t have to see or hear it, all they have to do is read it.

If its only on text, a woman needs to realize she is being rejected. Likewise if she is doing this to a man and stringing him along, he needs to realize he’s just some back up plan doormat for her. The bottom line is that people who care less always gain the upper hand in relationships.

Its a god awful sign if the person that you like and that you are intimate with even, can’t even be bothered to pick up the phone much less ask you out over the telephone. It’s just about the clearest signal that they are not ready to get involved that you could ever get, yet people just don’t get it. Mostly with women who get related to text relationships, they have to learn the hard way.

Thoughtfulness won’t go out of style no matter how much technology we’ve got. A phone call equals thoughtful. Dates equals thoughtful. A text message? Not so thoughtful. Men are very likely to get a point across on text because it relieves them of some uncomfortable explanation. That’s why getting dumped or blown off on text is just as common now as apple pie. It’s easy and relatively painless.

If text is a way to compliment a relationship that is happening elsewhere off of text, then it can be a good addition to your communication stream. If however, text IS the communication stream, then get a clue now rather than later that you aren’t even in a relationship. It might be a casual relationship, an ending relationship, a sputtering relationship, a physical relationship, or a go nowhere relationship.

All variations of texting only relationships are NON relationships. Why? Because real relationships don’t blossom on text message. They just don’t so don’t kid yourself that you are in a relationship when all you are doing is texting.


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