Text message these words that make men fall in love

Endearing words always make life better. If you are looking for words that create romantic feelings in him then you need to melt the walls down that protect his heart. Words that melt him and get into his inner heart and brain will make him want to love you more.

The three words to melt his heart

Three words that are sure to tug at his heart are handsome, hot, and huge. For most men, physical is extremely important. Any words that he can be fed that will make him think romantic will get you bonus points. He’ll be made to feel good and think about your luscious curves. Don’t be shy about boosting his ego with complimets as he wants and needs to know that he can please you and make you happy.  So be sure make him feel good.  Pretty soon you will have him eating out of the palm of your hand.

Flattery will get you somewhere

Flattery will definitely get you somewhere with a man. Try words like sexy, handsome, or baby. Certain words are going to really ring a bell with him and the key is to listen to his words of affection. If he calls you babe then call him baby. If he calls you darling then call him honey. The key is to pick up on his cues and words that he loves and then echo those back to him because you know he likes those types of words. Certain words trigger affection and that can be from growing up or even something his parents called him.

Compliments that rock his world

If you want to find phrases that melt his heart then listen to his words. If he says you’re hot then he might be more the alpha type. You can try saying to him I can’t get enough of you, You are so hot, You drive me wild, or you turn me on. Compliment the way he makes love to you.

If your man is more the romantic type then try softer phrases that are more feminine oriented. For example, I want to feel your love, I am the luckiest girl in the world, you make me so happy, I can’t imagine losing you, or loving you feels like heaven. Some men like sweet talk others like dirty talk. It’s your job to learn more about what triggers passion in him and then to use that knowledge to seduce him.

If all else fails the the one phrase that tops the entire list of romantic words of course is the simplest of all, I love you. Three simple words but they mean so much. If your heart is throbbing and you body is alive when you are with him, nothing can say passion better.

Follow his lead

The biggest tip for words that make men fall in love is to cue off of him. For example, if you are too early in a relationship you don’t want to tell him how you love him and will die if he leaves you. This would overwhelm him and not be in tune with the relationships progression. This is why it is so important to take cues from him. If he says something sexy to you then that is your opener to say something sexy back. If he makes romantic overtures then you’ll be in the right to deliver a romantic message back to him. When it comes to words that make men fall in love always follow your mans lead.

Text message to make him fall in love


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