Text messages to girls that build attraction

When it comes to texting a girl, you are either making progress or losing ground.  The goal is to send text messages that build attraction.  Texting her can build attraction if you text the right way and kill attraction if you text the wrong way.  Here are a few examples of texts that pick up artists tend to like because they think it attracts girls to them.  Since pick up artists date numerous girls you can be sure they understand how to play the attraction game successfully.

Ask her to guess something

Asking a girl to guess something is almost a guarantee that she will text you back guessing with her interest piqued.  If you text her saying something like “Oh you will never guess what I just found out” she will get curious and fast.  Girls like to guess things.

Ask her to keep a secret

Girls are inherently gossips so if you ask them to keep a secret for you they will be attracted.  They want to feel like you can confide in them.  Girls like to know that you will tell them private things you never tell anyone else.  It makes her feel like she has an inside scoop with you. 

If you ask her if she can keep a secret it is perfect bait for her to of course say yes.  Then you can give her little details about the secret.  Tell her OK this is what happened.  Then tell her something secret about either some other girl or someone who is after you, or won’t leave you alone.  A little juicy gossip item is going to make her salivate.

Ask her what she wants from the store

If you are stopping by the store on the way to her place or planning to invite her over to your place, asking her what she wants from the store is a great attraction builder.  Even if it its something like beer or liquor (assuming you are over 21) this will get her talking. 

She likes to know that you are thinking of her and care about getting her something to drink that she likes.  She might ask for a wine cooler or just some soda.  This is the sort of thing that will get her excited about your plans that you’ve made with her.  It makes her feel like you are in it together.  It also shows that you actually give a darn about what she drinks, which she will like too.

Compliment her

Giving her a compliment when she’s behaving right for you is always a positive reward and it will boost her ego.  Make the compliment be personal, or an inside one that only you and she knows about.  It might be something flirty like telling her that she’s adorable when she does X.  Or it could be something like telling her how you love it when she dresses up for you. Positive feedback will get her excited and she will try to do more of what you claim to love. If its original and an insider thing between the two of you it works really well.

Tease her, e.g. tell her she’s boring

Give a girl a challenge and you will be sure to build attraction.  Unless a girl is super sensitive, a negative hit can do wonders for attraction.  It’s like a project to a girl and you are telling her that she is not currently getting an A.  What does this usually do? – It makes her up her game. 

I’m not boring she exclaims!  Tell her well prove it then.  Let her know that she is supposed to entertain you.  Getting a girl to work for your validation builds attraction.  Don’t deliver negatives all the time but once in a while, exert your power in the relationship and make her jump through hoops to prove her value to you.

Text messages that build attraction

Every once in a while you should leave a girl in suspense.  For example don’t text back right away about plans or just go MIA temporarily.   Girls are attracted to mystery, suspense and intrigue.  Don’t abuse it, but do keep her guessing or waiting by the phone to hear from you every now and then. Trust me, when she is obsessing over you it builds attraction in her.

Remember when texting a girl that you are either making progress in building attraction or turning her off.  There is no middle ground on this.  Good messages to try are ones that make her guess, keep a secret, offer to get her something, tease her, or compliment her.  These are going to increase her attraction to you guaranteed.


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