Text messages to girls that kill attraction

When it comes to building attraction in her, your text messages are either going to be working for you, or acting as turn-offs.  Here are a few text messages that guys tend to send girls that do not build attraction.  They turn her off or fall flat instead.  If you are looking to keep her interested you may want to avoid these attraction killing texts.

Corny pick up lines are turn-offs

Corny pickup lines are a turn off.  Most girls will be able to see right through cheesy pick up lines.  Corny lines that make you look like an ego-maniac are a turn off too.  For example, don’t ask her if she’s been thinking of you all day or tell her that you’ve been thinking of her all day.  Don’t tell her thinks like where have you been all my life.  This type of talk comes off as corny so unless it’s a joke, don’t do it.  You want to make her want you, and you don’t do this by makig it obvious you are trying to put her up on a pedestal.

Begging for her time is a turn off

Begging for her time is pathetic, so don’t write her texts such as “Do you have time for me this weekend.”  Such texts make her feel like you are insecure.  It does not exude confidence when its obvious you are waiting with baited breath to know if she deigns to see you.  If you are going to ask her out on a date you may want to just call her up on the phone.  Doing it by text puts the ball in her court and then suddenly she’s seeing if she can fit you into her schedule and not the other way around.

Being too agreeable is a turn off

Being too agreeable can become boring.  If you constantly say Okay, and respond back on time, and keep every commitment, and agree, agree, agree, then she might start to take you for granted.  Again, mystery and suspense build attraction.  If you take that away from her by being all too agreeable, her attraction will wane.  She needs to think that she’s working for your attention in order to crave it.

Getting upset when she fails to text back is a turn off

Demanding that she text you back comes off as desperate.  If you get too needy she won’t be inclined to text you back at all.  If she feels like you are waiting around for her texts with baited breath, she won’t feel attracted.  It gives her too much control and that kills her attraction.  She should be the one thinking about you and guessing about what you are up to.  If she doesn’t text back then get on with your day and let it slide right off your back.  Text her even less if she does this to you. 

The key is to make her relish your texts and if she isen’t doing that, make your texts more scarce and sporadic. You want her to jump on every text you send.  If she isen’t, text her less not more.  Don’t question her either, because it comes off as needy.  Do your own thing instead.  If she knows that you aren’t going to sit and wait around for her, she will stay attracted.  She has to have a little threat there that if she doesn’t jump on plans with you that some other willing woman will.

Getting needy for her text messages is a turn off

Needy messages are a total turnoff.  The way to avoid this is to make texts to the point and only text when there is a goal.  Don’t ask her how her day was or text her to say hi or report nothing to her.  Don’t send long winded messages to her or expect her to do the same.  If you are texting more than her it’s a problem because girls tend to be more talkative.  If you’re more talkative than her then you are talking to much.  Sssh.  More silence will help you build attraction in her.

Girls like alpha males.  Alpha males tend to be more now you see it, now you don’t.  And when you see it, it’s always goal oriented.  Text her for a reason.  If there is no reason, don’t bother.  When a guy is goal oriented it turns a girl on more than when a guy is chatty like a chick.

Hopefully you will be able to see that when it comes to being successful in dating and creating attraction your text game does matter.  Successful pick-up artists while cads, do succeed in getting lots of women.  They accomplish this by understanding what attracts women in the first place.  The above texts qualify as attraction killers so be careful to avoid these types of texts.

Attraction killers


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