Text Messaging to make him addicted to you

Here are some text messaging tips that will help make him more addicted to you. Texting too much in a relationship will have a negative effect on the relationship. You don’t want to become that obsessive girlfriend who is constantly texting. Trust me that I’ve been there and you will end up alone without him. On the other hand, you don’t want to play hard to get with him with your text messaging patterns either. Here are some simple texting tips that will help him become addicted to you.

Don’t text him too much. Don’t text him to death. Too much noise will cause him to tune you out. Make each text message a delicious morsel and treat that he has to wait for a little to get. You don’t want to play hard to get and play games yet don’t vomit out texts all day long because it will make him hate you for it.

Make texts infrequent. Keep texts infrequent. Try the 48 hours of no texting test. Can you not text him for 48 hours? If you can pass this crucial text test you are actually in pretty good shape. You can make him addicted because you have some self control. If you feel like you are texting him too much and he is becoming unresponsive then start interspersing 48 no texting blocks into your communication pattern with him. That way, your texts will be less frequent.

Make texts sporadic. Don’t text him on a regular basis. Keep it sporadic and unpredictable. Men love unpredictable it keeps their antlers up and keeps them interested. Sometimes text every day, sometimes never text that day, sometimes go two days without texting, sometimes go for several days. Make your responses sporadic also. Sometimes respond to a text message right away, sometimes respond next day, sometimes don’t respond if no response is warranted. Sometimes, respond by email or by calling him later.

Make texts upbeat in nature. Try not to fight and badger him with issues you have via text message. Keep all texts upbeat in nature if you can. If this person is cheating around on you then obviously it is sort of hard not to rant, complain and express your displeasure to him via texts. But understand that he won’t like it. Try to keep all texts as upbeat as possible even though this is very hard if he is being a total louse. He will be way more responsive to sporadic, infrequent texts that are upbeat in nature.

Save the negativity or issues that you have for another communication venue if possible. If you do have to vent and just can’t help yourself, at least try to express it terms of you instead of him. In other words say this hurts me, and focus on how you feel more than what he did per se. At least that minimizes your negativity.

Keep it short. Don’t sent long winded rants whether they be mutual conversations that he engages in too, or a drawn out toxic fight via text message. If he can get explicitly romantic on text, or if he can conduct a full blown fight then makeup with you via text, he will relegate you to that method of communication. If you want to keep him addicted to you then force him out of the text message air waves and into phone calls and real dates.

Don’t let him quagmire you down into long text communication streams and don’t quagmire yourself down by being the one to start such bad SMS messaging behavior patterns. If he doesn’t have to even sit up to dial you or see you and can get away with just texting, then he will. Assume he will sink to the lowest level communication format that you enable him to. For that reason, don’t get tricked into using text as a primary means of flirting, fighting, or date planning. Trust me, you will live to regret being relegated to text message.

When upset, Don’t Text. Ssssssh. When he upsets you try not to text him at all as a means of letting him know he has upset you. Sometimes saying nothing, really is saying something. So Sssshhhh. Don’t text. This is the hardest tip to execute but the best way to keep him addicted to you. Disappear off the texting radar if he really hurts your feelings. That’s your way of letting him know you are upset without having to have a text confrontation. Later on, let him know in person or on the phone about whatever what your issue is. Don’t do it on text message.

So remember these tips. Don’t text him too much, make texts and your responses to texts infrequent and sporadic, keep it short, and go silent on text when you are upset. For an addicted texter these tips are so hard if not seemingly impossible to follow but trust me they will work if you can handle it.

You’re going to need nerves of steel to make him addicted to you. If you find yourself failing to be able to execute any of these texting tips you might be obsessed with him and therefore obsessed with texting him. A good place to start is the tips on how to quit texting. One of the first skills to learn is the 48 no text trick where you go 48 hours without any text messages to this person.


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