Text messaging your boyfriend to death gets you ignored then dumped

Here is a fact about relationships and text messaging patterns of communication in relationships. What one person thinks about constant text messaging is most definitely not what the other person thinks about constant text messaging. Most often, men don’t like constant text messaging in relationships but women do. Women accidentally treat men like their bffs and not their boyfriends. They want to send constant messages and touch by text message throughout the day because they are such emotional creatures.

Here is what women text junkies wrongely assume about their constant addictive texting. They think their text messages are cute. They think their text messages are funny. They think their text messages help them keep in emotional touch with their man. They think sending the message is some indicator of the strength of their bond. No it is not an indicator of the stregnth of the bond, its in fact an indicator of how much of a derelict text addict she is or is quickly becoming. It’s actually an indicator of how fast the bond or your connection with him will become broken!

Here is what men think about their women constantly addictively texting them. First, it seems ok. Then, it slowly becomes annoying. After a few weeks or months they think it is badgering. Beyond that they think it is harrassing. And, beyond that they think it is stalking. They think why can’t this person get a life she is totally wrecking this thing between us. What can’t she just erase my number from her stupd phone. No excuses, erase me from your contact list and then wait like you are supposed (as the woman) until I call you. Why can’t she do that? Why can’t she act right? I actually like or liked her and she’s an idiot blowing her chances with me. No excuses, she’s crazy, I’m gone and don’t need the headache. I guess I’ll start looking around for new women. Women that don’t text torture me.

More of what he thinks. He thinks he is busy with his job and does not need to hear the minutia of her lunch plate or beauty treatment or family matter or where she is at. What she is wearing would maybe pass as an acceptable topic but even that temptation he can’t be hearing it all day 24/7 while he’s busy with his job. He thinks the constant texts are annoying. He thinks they are stupid and dumb. He wonders why she can’t stop.

Let it be known, if you constantly text your boyfriend to death he will start to slowly then totally ignore you and eventually dump you over texting habits. He ignores you because he is already getting flooded with your stupid life’s information so what reason in the world can he possibly have to contact you. None. You’re already contacting him, why in the world would he contact you? You don’t get it, you don’t learn. You’re texting him to death and he’ll start to ignore you, tune you out, then eventually dump you if you are not careful.

One more thing, why don’t you just erase his cellnumber, call the phone company and cancel your text messaging for a while, cut off your own hands, or text somebody else? Why, because you are an addict. First you have to realize through reading millions of blog posts like this one that you have a problem. Recognize the problem and then you can start figuring out how to fix it and if you don’t fix it then you will have wrecked a potentially good relationship foolishly.

Potentially good relationships don’t come by every day so don’t let texting him to death wreck it for you if you can avoid it. Read up on the quit texting tips and decide what approach you need either never text him, cut back, cut down or cut texting mesagging cold turkey to save your relationship from failure caused by: toxic constant non-stop text messaging.


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