Never text pictures and messages in the heat of the moment

Think twice before you send texts or photographs of an explicit nature because you may well regret such behavior afterwards.

Have you ever gotten photographs or flirty text messages from a boyfriend? Everyone who is involved with a new boyfriend or girlfriend knows that those racy little text messages can set your heart absolutely thumping. New love feels so great, butterflies in your stomach and passionate kisses. And when the relationship passes the kissing stage there can be more romance between the two of you where fireworks are really flying.

In the heat of the moment you might have some really flirty text talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend. And then it comes, the inevitable request for a picture. Send me a provacative picture of you. It seems like such an innocent request yet beware of getting carried away. If your new love interest looks like Brad Pitt or Bar Rafaeli you are going to be off in la-la land and send them the picture, along with some flirtatious text messages to play along with your love interest.

Usually, these pictures are kept confidential by the recipient (if they have any moral compunction). However, some people do share photographs. If you have ever looked at your phone pix message options, you’d see that a picture can be instantly sent directly to a blog, an email address, a facebook page, or a friends list. At the mere click of a button, your photo that was meant for his/her eyes only, can be widely distributed to a mass number of people!

So, be careful what you send via text in the heat of the moment. You don’t want your picture to be shared amongst other people do you? Teenagers and college kids are more likely to play around with sharing photographs sans permission, but don’t put such behavior past adults. With the advent of internet dating, game players abound. A woman (or man) can be met at the click of the button. Single adults are back on the dating scene big time with internet dating and trust me they act no more mature than people half their age!

Early in the dating game, you really don’t know this person. You don’t know if this person is dating several other women and trading information with friends. I’ll give an example. A best friend/ex boyfriend of mind got onto the site to meet women after he got separated. As a good looking and nice financially successful man, he went on plenty of dates, and he is in his early fifties! When he first joined match he was inundated by attractive women who were willing to get intimate almost overnight after emailing, texting and meeting in person only once or twice.

During the dating process he would share dating stories, photos and texts that he recieved with a few of his friends. In it, were the profile pictures of at least 10 women he was communicating with online and had met for a first date. Him and his friend were discussing the women and their personalities on the email. This is Heather she is a school teacher, Jule is the nurse, etc. Attached, were pictures that he had downloaded from their match profiles.

On text message, he shared dating details about these people, including who he had been romantically involved with and details such as how many dates he went on with them. This is an upstanding guy too! So, if a normal professional is innocently sharing such information with his best friends, imagine what an evil doer can do with electronic photographs. I write this blog post just so that you remember to think twice about what you are sending electronically in the throes of the moment.

Ask yourself, if this relationship ends, will I regret having sent these texts and images. If the answer is yes then rethink the message. You’ve read about how men like something left to the imagination. I know for a fact that women do, a handsome Marlboro man in rugged clothes is all a woman needs, and innapropriate material is not a requirement. When it comes to sending texts and flirting, try to leave more to the imagination. Let the person see you in person for more, and keep heavy flirting out of the electronic text stratosphere unless and until this person is trustworthy 1000%.

Don’t get carried away in the heat of the moment. You need to think twice about composing and sending text messages with pictures attached that you might regret at some later point in time. Don’t send a suggestive picture of yourself to someone you barely know in the heat of an innocent flirtation.


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