Texting to make him addicted to you

Are you thinking that if you text your man allot, it will help make him become addicted to you? Think again. Dropping your man a line via text can be a nice way to touch base with him. However, texting him incessantly will not crank up his interest in you.

To get a man addicted, you are going to want him to crave and long to be with you, hear from you, see you, and engage in various activities with you. Those good memories are going to be the events that make him want to be around you more. I don’t think that texting him all the time is going to trigger that positive reaction in him.

Sensory temptation such as how you smell certainly don’t come across on a text message. Men are visual, so the occasional cute photograph will place yourself onto his cell phone and into his memory yet don’t over do it. Believe it or not, leaving him alone by not texting him is going to make him crave you more than texting him information as to your whereabouts and what you are up to. While we women like to the the minutes of the day, men don’t give a damn about your moment to moment iterneray.

The only time men get really into your daily movements from point a to point b is before they have managed to sleep with you. They are running off a conquest instinct initially, but after they have gotten to that goal with you, comes reality. Reality is the fact that they have to miss you, think about you, and want to continue to spend time with you. It doesn’t mean you have to play hard to get, it just means don’t play easy to get.

An occasional sexy photograph leaving something to the imagination, or a sexy message on occasion, can put you on his mind. But make sure not to send raunchy photos that you will later regret and don’t over do it. A nice picture every few weeks would have a much stronger impact than if you were snapping pictures and sending him one every day of your life. Just a little flirty playful tease every once in a while is all you would need.

There is a difference between lewd texts and explicit photes, and gentle flirtation that leaves something up to the imagination. Delaying that gratification will make him fantasize about you and want you even more. You want him to experience longing and release that dopamine which triggers his desire and lust.

Two things that will help you send the appropriate texts to him will be to remember to say his name, because men love hearing the sound of a woman saying his name. So, say his name on text, and flirt mildly. Think of an occasional text message like you would whispering something nice to him. Say you had a pleasurable date a few weeks back. You could mention something about the great time you had making him want to repeat that pleasurable experience with you.

Remember that one text every few days or so is going to carry alot more weight in his heart than ongoing daily texts. If you text too much it becomes a bunch of tex noise and he is going to start tuning out to the content. If you save it and dribble out something nice every few days on the other hand, your text is goign to carry more weight and get his attention better. It’s the less it more theory of attraction.

So, to make him addicted to you text occasionally rather than frequently. Relate the texts back to pleasurable experiences past present and future. Don’t give him complete entertainment on text but rather make require him to get off his butt and spend real time with you in life to get more of you.


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