Texting to the world aka Twitter-ing. Think before you text or twitter like a famous celebrity!

Shame on the no-talent trash from the Daily News for invading the privacy of 75 people in a yoga class to take a picture of someone

Twittering is where the celebrities promote themselves and text out loud, essentially.  Much like texting, with twittering your messages are sent public and whomever wants to sign up to follow or receive them can.  The celebrities make ample use of the twitter-sphere to promote themselves, express their oft wild opinions, vent, and argue with other celebrity twitterers.

54 year old Alec Baldwin recently blasted a New York gossip mag called The Daily News for allegedly crashing his fiances yoga class to nab a picture of her.   She’s only 28, ergo the gossip magazines are insanely curious about this new May-December romance between her and Baldwin. 

75 people? That’s a hefty attendance! No doubt it is admittedly rude to invade the privacy of this young woman to get a candid photo on the one hand. On the other hand, isen’t that just what the gossip magazines do? If every celebrity vented on twitter about every gossip photo it would take a whole lot-ta twittering.  It would seem that if you date a celebrity especially one decades older than you, that such candids would be par for the course.  It would also seem that the attendees would be aware of being under scrutiny and in fact that’s likely why there are so many people there. 

Luckily text messages stay between sender and receiver amongst the non-famous lay-people.   Careful before you vent like Baldwin though.  More and more, crazy ventings go from being private text messages, to publicly viewed videos uploaded to YouTube.  Would you want your text rantings, angry notes written on napkins, or twittererings to make their way onto YouTube and into the pages of magazines? 

If you don’t want to find your breakup text as a star of the worse breakup text ever YouTube video, don’t even go there.  Baldwin may have had a point in being protective of his fiance, yet his hot-headed public rant makes him look bad and didn’t really do his cause any justice at all.  Think before you text or twitter in a huff!


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