Texting while driving Ticket

Over 30 states ban motorists from texting while driving and Pennsylvania just joined the text while driving ban. The problem with texting and driving is that texting taking the time to text or read a text or send a text via typing on the cell phone keypad takes eyes away from the road. For the simple thing of texting a friend you could cause a major car accident therefore the texting is just not worth it.

Text Ticket will cost you around 50 dollars

It’s hard to fathom texting while driving because obviously if you are texting then how can you drive? However teens do this frequently. They might compose a quick text at a stop light or look at the phone to read texts that come in while driving and respond. If you have an urgent need to text you should just pull your car over to a safe and legal parking spot and text from there.

Stripped out of the law was a provision that punishes drivers for talking on a cell phone without utilizing a hands-free device. Hands free devices are still acceptable use. There are nine states that ban not just the texting but also talking on the cell phone without a headset. In those states you could get a ticket for talking on speaker phone even if you aren’t using your hands.

Use a headset

The bottom line is that you should not text or use the cell phone while driving unless you are using a headset and are following the laws in your particular state. In states with the no texting while driving ban police can pull you over and give you a ticket for texting with a penalty of 50 dollars. They can’t confiscate the cell phone but they could ask you to show them the text to verify that you texted. Most people think that the texting law is a good regulation for teen drivers.


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