Texting while walking then die because you weren’t watching where you were going

Texting just got alot more dangerous than mere flip-offs to the guy that blew you off for another woman or bevy of women.  There is a new danger in texting and it’s more dangerous than dating, even internet dating.  You would be surprised to know that it is texting and walking.  Everyone does it these days.  You feversihly text a loved one or friend while running some errands and while you are texting you aren’t watching what you are doing.  You are so involved in texting that you just are not looking up or looking where you are going at all.

Normally while driving this would conclude in you rear ending someone while texting and having it be your fault.  And, if noone got seriously injured you would consider yourself lucky.  But with texting and walking, you have the potential to get even more hurt!  You aren’t in a car first of all.  Pedestrians are way more likely to suffer serious injuries than drivers are.  If you text while walking and traipse into the blinking don’t walk signal and someone taking a right turn clips you believe me you can get hurt big time.  Even a slight hit by a vehicle could seriously injure you and break an arm elbow, hip or leg.

There’s many an article passing through the news of late documenting the dangers or texting and walking.  We all know about texting messaging while driving but hospitals are concerned with the new problem of harried pedestrians getting seriously hurt while texting and not paying attention to traffic in big busy cities.   If you are an addiction texter, then your chances of an accident are way higher.  Essentially, you are texting nonstop all day since you’re a text addict and of course its only a matter of time that you mess up and get hurt walking and texting and not paying attention to what is going on around you. 

One young teenager died because he was distracted by text messaging on his blackberry and stepped into the roadway while a car was passing.  He was hit and killed.   I haven’t heard of official statistics on texting while not driving accidents but the associations of emergency physicians have noticed the problem coming through the hospitals and issue warnings about it. 

Multitasking is the problem and all the hospitals are seeing kids wind up in hospitals due to oblivian texting while rollar blading, biking, walking, jogging, and even eating.  I have personally walking into a pole while texting and while I did not get hurt, a young student did seriously injure her eye simply walking down a hallway at college and hurting herself after bumping into another person walking.  Why?  Because she was texting.  Nine out of teen teenagers text message.

On site jobs that require safety and paying attention are now issuing rules about texting and working and we will get into that aspect of texting dangers too.  Electronic devices can really cause accidents and if you are hooked on it your propensity to become totally distracted increases.  A parent checking status with a child might send a quick text and keep their wits about them.  A distraught girlfriend texting like a lunatic might not.  

Emotional texting is scary.  It’s easy to laugh at addiction texting but it really is a problem and real accidents can happen as a result.  Another reason to quit texting.  Maybe even become one of those annoying adults that taps you on the shoulder like they do the smokers.  No smoking here can’t you read the sign?  No texting here can’t you care if you smash into someone?  

Anything really that takes your mind away from what you are doing is dangerous and that is exactly why addictive habits are so negative.  You get the idea.  More on texting dangers coming up.


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