The problem with Texting? It’s addictive.

Welcome to Addiction Texting.  This web site should help you recognize if you are developing a texting problem and give you tools and techniques to give yourself treatment. 

Part of the solution is to merely recognize that you are texting too much.  If you are texting while performing tasks that require your attention in order to be safe (like driving) then you have a problem.  If you are more interested in contacting a person via text than they are interested in contacting you via text, then you have a problem.  If you are conducting conversations on text message that really should be happening in person or on the phone, then you have a problem.  

You can treat a texting problem in various ways.  One way is to go through cutbacks.  Once you realize you are over texting and annoying someone, you can monitor your behavior.  You can look at your statements, count your texts, and ask yourself if this is stalker like behavior.  The nature of your texts tell you allot too.  If the tone is hostile and you are arguing on text you may be on your way to severing a relationship by bothering this individual.  You need to step back. 

If thinking before texting and cutting back does not work, then you may have to turn off your texting package altogether and quit texting cold turkey.  Then, you can try to understand the underlying problem.  Often times, it is because you are obsessed with someone.   Either that, or you have too much time on your hands.

I hope you enjoy this web site as it will give you insight into your texting habits and help you to understand how it may be affecting both your relationships, and driving safety.


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