The texting on that dinner date cell phone Game

Do you think you can get through that date or social get together with your friends without texting someone? Brian Perez created a texting addiction game called Lil-b that poses that very challenge. His stop texting game is taking over as a new dining trend. The challenge is to not look at your cell phone no matter how much it rings or beeps during the entire course of the date.

The way the game works is that your and your date (or everyone) arrives and sits down to eat. As soon as you sit down, each person has to place their phone face down in a pile stack right in the middle of the table (or wherever). The rule of the game is that the first person to look at their phone has to pay the price of the date or dinner for all.

If during the course of the dinner nobody looks at the phone, everyone wins and each person pays for their own meal. In the case of a date it means that the man will pay. If however, you look at your phone, you will have to pay your way! It’s a fantastic socially engineered game that is sure to give your date the attention he deserves. You won’t be able to look at your cell phone, much less text. The humor is that when the ring tones start setting off and phones are beeping, you can’t look.

Lil-b stop texting game has had an overwhelmingly positive response on tumblr. More than 60,000 people shared the idea of the game. While it’s a little bit hokey, the fact that a stop texting game was even invented by anyone and then blogged about on the net making it all the way to a news story, is pretty hilarious. It speaks to the addiction of text and cell phones. Sometimes you feel like people are only half there and half listening because they are tied by cell phone umbilical cords to social networking. Even things like face book updates are tied to texts if you download the face book app. If someone comments on a facebook post, you get an annoying text. If you want to slap your date in the face because of their texting addiction, you probably are not alone. Made you look!


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