Three online dating and Texting tips for men

Are you getting dates from online dating sites successfully? Here are a few tips for men about successful online dating and texting. They come from a women’s perspective and real life experience. These tips should help you be more successful in your approach online. Shush! Don’t tell anyone I revealed these insider women’s secrets.

Infinate patience will yield immediate results

One secret tip that every man doing online dating should know is that women get inundated with emails from men when they first get on line. I personally got some 350 messages in a matter of days as a result of posting with some very attractive profile photos on a popular internet dating web site.

Rather than give up on online dating due to the intense competition, you have to choose not to compete. If a women has just jumped into the online fishbowl, your chances of a successful approach (unless you look like Brad Pitt) are going to be at their lowest. After the initial splash she is getting so much attention that she is not able to even look at or read or focus on anyone. The only person she will respond to are the really hot men that stand out from the rest.

So your first tip is to wait a few weeks after she gets online before writing her. That way, when you do, she will actually see the email and read it rather than it getting lost in the noise of her new girl online email avalanche. No matter how pretty she is, her emails will wear off after the first few weeks and that would be the best time to approach her.

Take rejection quickly and seek out local women that are in your league in the looks department

Online dating goes heavily on physical appearances. Another factor is income, but the photos do reign supreme in terms of determining whether she will respond. If you are broke and look like Brad Pitt she will probably respond even if she is gold digging, and if you are homelier and filthy rich she will probably respond as well. But if you are just an average Joe looking for Mrs. Right, stay within your league.

Realistically, if you are only going to approach only the very hottest women and they are ones that probably would not even respond positively to your approach in real life, you are setting yourself up for failure. Post the best pictures of yourself that you can put together. Then don’t lower your standards, but do approach women that you feel would be responsive and physically compatible with you. Just know that if they wouldn’t give you time of day in a real life situation, they may not give you time of day online either.

It pays to be persistent online. You might try up to three emails to a woman before giving up. Consider that the fist email you send might get swamped in her deluge of emails. The second email she might look closer at your profile. And the third email she might even respond. After three if she doesn’t contact you quickly axe her off of your favorites and move on.

Don’t write her asking why she didn’t get back or wish her luck or anything that demonstrates your feelings are hurt. Just move on. If she visits your profile weeks later then you haven’t stuck your foot in your mouth it opens the door to you emailing her a fourth time because she re-visited you. Therefore, don’t close the door on yourself. Sometimes a profile has to jell on a woman before she springs into action and responds.

Women are snobby when they first get online and they can get unrealistic expectations. Once they have been on a dating site for a few months they settle down and will be more responsive to genuine men. If you are focused on looks, email the pretty ones close by. If you are conveniently located and easy to meet, she might make an exception and meet a less attractive man. It’s a matter of convenience. If she is only mildly interested and you live an hour away, she’ll blow you off. If you are looks obsessed make sure to focus on the women that live in proximity as she will be more likely to agree to meet a guy on her maybe or he looks ok list.

Cut to the chase, and add a good title to those emails

Most woman respond to men’s animal instinct. It’s attraction and chemistry. Sometimes the best approach is the direct one. A good one would be something like “No games, I am interested in you, Your name”. A simple email like that is all you need. If she likes what she sees on your profile she will respond to that.

The title to your email is always important. Make a fairly long title line that says something, even if it is Hello read this my Name is Blah, Stopped by to say Hi. As a woman receiving a ton of emails, I can say that most have no title to them. The title looks like this “Re:Hi”. That is boring and it washes the email out. It won’t stand out. Make sure to add a longer title as the title will stand out amongst other emails and catch her attention. She’ll look at it then click on your profile and check it out guaranteed.

I’ve receive hundreds of emails online from men that have no title other than Hi or Hello and if their profile picture thumbnails are less than interesting I don’t even bother to open the email or click on their profile! I hope these secret tips help. Don’t approach women who are new online as they are getting swamped. Be patient and be willing to write up to three nice emails to her spread out a few weeks or months in time before giving up. And lastly, try to approach women who you believe would be interested in you as well, not just the unrealistic ones that look like models or adult stars.

Move to phone number exchange quickly

Ask for a woman’s number right away because it never hurts to ask, if she balks she balks. You should only exchange a few brief emails or have a quick chat before asking. If she gives you her cell phone number then text her and say hello along with reminding her who you are so she can put you into her contact list. Then wait a bit and call her. A woman who is interested in you will give you her number and want to check you out on the phone. Waiting and emailing back and forth doesn’t really do much good nor will it increase odds of getting her number. Just assume it’s either on, or its off, from the get go.


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