Tips on how to stop texting your Ex

Are you texting your boyfriend, girlfriend or ex too much to the point where you are becoming a stalker?  Has your boyfriend or girlfriend started to back off or have they made it clear that they do not wish to hear from you?  If so, you need to back off.  If you want to have any hope to salvage the relationship you must above all keep (or regain) your cool.  The best way to get a grip on your out of control texting behavior is to implement the 48-hour no texting rule.

48 Hour no texting Rule

If you want to stop texting and destroying your relationship further, try implementing the 48 hour no texting rule.  Any time you text your romantic interest (or ex) you need to try to implement the rule.  The rule is not to text them again for another 48 hours.  The reason this rule works is that the first few days of detaching yourself from your partner is always the hardest to get through.  If you can convince yourself not to text for just one day, then two, you are well on your way to quitting your excessive texting problem. 

If your relationship is on the rocks or even over, incessant texting can drive your ex crazy.  If they haven’t already dumped you they will if you keep texting and texting.  If they have already dumped you then continuous texting will make them view you as a stalker and you’ll have little hope of getting them back.  The 48 hour no texting rule can help you get a grip on the situation.  It helps you take baby steps to quitting the bad habit of smothering your ex.  It really works.  Here are a few more tips on how to stick to the 48 hour rule and get through your first two days of not texting him or her.

Write down the time of your last text

To start implementing the 48 hour rule, write down the last time you texted your boyfriend, girlfriend or ex.  Make a note of the time.  From that point on, you can’t text your ex for two days.  If you are fighting or already broken up then texting does you little good.  Particularly if the person is upset with you, you don’t want to push them or become a stalker.  Your temptation to text them either to chew them out or try to make up or rehash issues will be very high.  You shouldn’t though.  The best way to get handle an ex or partner that’s fed up is to leave them alone. 

If you can’t yet fathom never talking to them again then the 48 hour no texting rule is a first step to cutting contact.  Write down the time you last texted them and then instead of focusing on doom and gloom just concentrate on getting through the next day.  One day at a time.

If you are tempted to text your ex read this again

Book mark this page.  If during the next day or the next you feel the urge to text your ex bring up this page and read it again.  That should help you realize that your willpower is weak.  You should be able to go two measly days without texting someone no matter what is going on with the two of you!  Life will be there in two days.  Give it a rest.  You can do it.

Don’t get mad at your friends

If you are going to give your ex some space then you need your friends.  Don’t take out your frustration on them.  Instead, get busy for a day.  Do something around your house, make plans, shop, go out, get your hair done, or do sports.  Take care of something and try to detach from your phone and the world of texting.  You may want to leave your phone at home or without you for periods if you feel the urge to text.  You can survive not texting for two days without scratching your friends eyes out over it.  Try not to think of the future or dwell.  Just think about the next day or two and how you can perfectly well survive 48 hours without texting.

Rinse, lather and repeat the no texting rule

Congratulations, you made it!  Once you have stopped texting your ex for 48 hours you be happy to know that you are getting your obsessive and utterly destructive behavior under control.   Any time you slip up and text your ex again, just go back onto the 48 hour rule.  Don’t text them again.  If you create a lag time of two days before initiating conversation you are far less likely to text crazy messages, get out of control, upset, or overly excited.  By waiting you’ll give yourself a chance to be cool, calm and collected.

Whether you want to get back together with an ex or soon to be ex, or move on with your life and forget about them, the 48 hour no texting rule should help.   If you can implement it then you are showing yourself you have control of your actions.  Get control, calm down, stop texting and grow up.  Think clearly on your own about what to do or what not to do.  Texting is unlikely to make someone like you, want to be with you, or want to get back together with you. 

Use the 48 hour no texting rule to stretch the contact rubber band further and further and further.  The best chance to get back with an ex or get away from a toxic relationship is to give the person plenty of space.  Get used to not depending on having that constant text contact with them.  Let them miss your presence for a while.

If you get tempted to text, read this page again

Book mark this page.  If you get the urge to text within 48 hours of your last text, come back and read this page!  Texting won’t help your relationship.  Leaving the person alone might.  It’s only 48 hours and you can do it.  Texting and texting someone can be interpreted as harassment and that is not you.  You are not a stalker so don’t act like one.  If you lose control it will give your ex a feeling of power and entitlement and they’ll be reassuring themselves that they did the right thing in cutting contact with you.  Why give them that satisfaction of thinking you can’t be fine without them.  

Did you make it 48 hours?  When you succeed, make sure to leave a comment below!


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