Train him out of the late night booty text

When you are date-less on a Friday or Saturday night it can be sort of exciting to hear the rush of a text message come through from that handsome hunk you are hung up on.  At first, you think it’s exciting.  He’s thinking of you and suddenly your T.V. night alone is looking up.  He’s drunk texting and ready to make it over to your house before it gets too late.

Does he only text you for a late night hookup?  Tell him to lose your number then lose his

Stop and think.  If he only texts you for late night hookups don’t think of it as a compliment.  He is attempting to use you for something he wants which is last minute late night action.  Don’t glorify it.  For all you know, he spent the night at a singles function and didn’t manage to get lucky.  Boohoo you are the last girl he got to on his call list.  It is hard to admit you are getting used but a late night booty text is in fact the ultimate use.

Does he like you a little bit but try to take advantage and treat you as a late night convenience?  Here is what to do

If your misbehaved guy does like you a little more than just texts, but he still has a habit of trying to take the cheapest, easiest and most convenient route to your place, there are certain things you can do in order to re-train him and redirect his bad behavior into good behavior.

What you need to do is redirect his behavior so that you are treated like a lady instead of a late night tramp on his rotation.  Do this by not responding to the texts.  You could be glued to your phone yet he needn’t know that.  Instead of responding that night just respond the next day during the light of day.  Here is what this does.  It says you are still interested, but it nevertheless makes it impossible for him to see you on a dime.  You win!

Don’t let him bamboozle you into stopping by.  If you give engage him and give a weak like you’re too tired, it will merely tempt him into insisting that he weasel his way over.  He will start giving explanations as to his late night status, such as that he was trapped at his buddies birthday party.  Yeah, right.  Don’t buy it.  For all you know, he was out alright, but at the downtown singles bar.  The point is, that if you aren’t available late at night he will for forced to stop treating you as though you are.  It’s true he might go find a willing woman, but you shouldn’t care. Being easy and available to him so that he doesn’t find anyone else will not inspire him to treat you like a prize.

What if he continues to try and see you late at night?

If your guy does not get the point and still tries to treat you like the free after party, it is time to tell him straight up that you really don’t appreciate it.  Tell him how dependable his late night texts are, as in “Wow, it must be 2:00 AM again”.  He should get the hint.  If that doesn’t work, just tell him straight up that you don’t appreciate being hit up late at night and that you just aren’t interested. 

Call him out if need be, and flat out let him know that you aren’t looking for some booty call situation.  Don’t be scared you will lose the guy.  If he likes you, he will still like you if you have some strong self respect.  When it comes to getting a man really interested in you for more than a late night drive-through hit and run, your self respect means absolutely everything.

How to handle the late night booty text


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