Tweets, Texts, Celebrities, and how to Learn from back stabbing Relationships that you should self censure your text messages

When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger

Can Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marriage survive on tweets and texts? Rumors have been flying about how there may be trouble in paradise for our favorite May December couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. In the case of Demi and Ashton they go beyond texting and actually tweet their personal relationship stuff. Tweets are basically public texts, for those who have a following. Tweets are also totally useless unless you are famous, because who really wants to broadcast out their personal private matters all over the internet. You need a publicity purpose and a fan following to want to bother with all that. For celebrities, tweets work much like texts. They communicate by short messages SMS, but in the case of the tweets they are made public for the purpose of gaining publicity and spinning the media. It’s pretty much like texting but in the celebs case, millions of people are signed up on twitter as followers reading the texts.

Tweeting and texting communication is so popular that we have famous relationships spinning through the media using these primitive SMS communication mediums. Demi tweeted a photo of her exposed back along with the message remember, you’ve got your own back. She also quoted Greek philosopher Epictetus, and posted a photo of herself lying down looking not too happy with an I see through you SMS. Earlier in the month she tweeted Trying to find the light I lost. It would seem the famous couple may have some relationship problems brewing. If they want to tell the media everything is ok, they tweet some romantic photos of themselves together and traveling the world as a happy couple. Essentially, they are using SMS to let everyone know what the status of their relationship is, or at the very least they are using it to keep every one guessing. Ashton is the geek one of them who loves the social media. You’d wonder if he caught the curse of two and a half men now and if that is a good or bad thing.

And speaking of tweets, Demi and Ashton are no strangers to text controversies. Rumor had it that Kutcher has infidelity incidents going back to last year supposedly with Britney Jones, 21 at the time. Jones claimed she was intimate with the actor at his and Demi’s Beverly Hills home when Demi was out of town. The gossip sites said Ashton became concerned over incriminating texts passed between the two of them. In an interview with Star Magazine, Jones said that Ashton looked over all of their texts and asked her to delete all of the messages he had send out to her. According to her Ashton said, delete the texts because they could hurt me. No kidding.

The latest rumor surrounding the couple also leaves a gossip trail of evidence. His bodyguard reportedly took the cell phone of his secret guest before she was allowed into his hotel suite. Sara Leal was the girl surrounding recent rumors of Ashton’s infidelity. She supposedly got intimate with Kutcher in a Hard Rock Hotel room in San Diego during Ashton and Demi’s anniversary week. Gossip web site The Dirty claimed that Sara Leal was demanding money through a lawyer for her silence and has gone into social hiding. Apparently getting intimate with celebrities and creating scandals is now a road to potential riches, hush settlements, and fifteen minutes of fame. And the evidence is always in the text message. Supposedly Ashton had Miss Leal leave her cell phone with his bodyguard to try and minimize the potential for leaving a cell text picture trial documenting their rendezvous. Maybe he learned from the Britney Jones affair to guard his texts and cell phone closer.

Texts leave a trail of evidence

What we should learn from the celebs is that texts might end up being used against you later on. Therefore, be careful what you really text someone. Self-censoring of your cell phone content is an absolute must. Granted we may not be celebrities but don’t underestimate the power of the text. You never know where your text messages are going to wind up. They can wind up in court proceedings or the public media. They could wind up being read by your children or friends when you leave your phone sitting around. They can become a thorn in your side later in a way you did not anticipate. In this economy people are literally desperate. Let’s say you have an affair well you are setting yourself up for a scorned lover who may use all of your texts against you in some way.

Maybe Star Magazine and The Dirty won’t be interested in buying your mistresses story, but she might blackmail you financially or emotionally nonetheless. She could threaten to send the messages to your wife on face book and disclose your affair which by the way you should not have had. The point is, text media leaves a blazing trail of evidence behind. People think those messages go into the wind well sometimes they don’t. They get saved.

Nowadays people save recorded phone calls from skype and cc threatening or intimate text messages into an I’ll sue you/blackmail you later file, just in case. Call it paranoia but it is affairs of the heart, breakups, suspicion of infidelity and fighting between best friends, that often lead to irrational behaviors. I knew someone who saved all of their skype phone calls and was able when needed to transcript them and send them out to remind people she was upset with about all that they said wrong. I know someone who recorded all of her ex boyfriends communications with her. I know someone who secretly put voice activated recorders in his house to listen in on his wife’s conversations. I know someone who purchased one of the cell phone monitoring applications to intercept her cheating husbands text messages. I also knew someone who wrote harassing content to her ex and every single message swear words and all included, were placed into a court document involving custody. It made her look so bad that she lost her motion and had to pay her rich ex’s legal fees. People write in to the site to share such text horror stories.

Even when you call in to get help from your phone or utility company the person helping is SMS-ing your conversation recap into a database for other receptionists to read the second you call again. That way, when you get really irate about your bill or whatever, they have your ranting phone call recap recorded for posterity. The point is that electronic media can become incriminating and people think somehow text messages are exonerated because they are just these tiny little messages. No, they are just as documented as anything else. Before you write that naughty text or make accusations on text you better think twice. Like me, you must know someone that has gotten truly burned by an electronic trail of evidence.

Fortunately for me, when I was texting too much all of my content was pretty innocuous and just added up to being a chatty pest really. But even that can be problematic. Because how many times you text someone can be a tool to claim harassment. Judge, she texted me 10 times a day for months on end and I have repeatedly told her to stop that I am just not interested in her. So you see, it is not only the content of what you text that can make you look bad, the volume of texting can make you look bad too. Text volume is easily documented it is right there on every ones phone bill. You can print out exactly how many texts you got from one telephone number. Pages and pages of them.

The point of this article is to make somebody reading it recognize that texting too much and texting material that is offensive can come back to haunt you. Cheaters always get their day of reckoning when eventually someone takes a peek at their texts. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, sending texts that berate someone when upset can make you feel regret after the fact. If you text somebody incessantly then like a year later you are going to look back and wonder why you did that and feel like a fool. So remember that texts can be used against you, used as blackmail, used to remind you of mean things you’ve said, used to make you look bad in print, and catch you cheating. It will be utterly self-embarrassing when you look back on your own obsessive text behavior.


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