Types of text breakups

Not only are text message breakups common, they come in a wide variety of icky tasting breakup the relationship flavors. We’ll go into all 31 of them on this text addiction site. But just to cover the basics, there are a few general types of text breakups.

One type of text message breakup is the kind where the relationship didn’t really exist in the first place, or barely existed. If you only communicated electronically and never met, then a text breakup is actually in line with your whole non relationship in the first place. Then there’s the booty text call relationship. You get intimate with this person but the contact is virtually through text and there are no phone calls or dates just late night sex hookups that happen randomly. Other than the sex, the relationship basically exists on text too, thus, you’d expect a text message breakup. Hey, hard to breakup during the sex act, so yeah, on text.

Then there are the real relationships that get broken up on text. The first type is what you would consider the slow fade. Contact diminishes with this person until you really don’t even communicate with them at all. You’ll hear from them less and less, you’ll realize you’re the only one initiating contact or putting an effort in, and slowly they just disappear from your life. In that case, there is no real break up just a petering off of texts. Sometimes, relationships that happened with dates and phone calls and plans get demoted down to text relationships or text booty relationships. Then they either stay at the text or text/booty level or you get rid of the person because they’ve demoted you to text.

Next is the text breakup generic, when you’ve actually been dating (most likely casually) and you get the ole its not working text and you just accept it. There’s also the fighting type of text breakup. They break up with a text and you rant back and then break up back and never talk to them on text or otherwise ever again. The rant can include everything from swear words flames and scathing cut downs to pathetic begging for reconciliation. Sometimes you start a rant over some issue, then they text dump you in retaliation for the text rant.

Text breakups are always at risk for becoming text stalking problems. The cyclic ones where you makeup, breakup, makeup, breakup are the worst since after a while noone believes the breakup so breaking up means nothing and then a stalker is born when they ignore the so called real breakup. When one person objects to the breakup and has an impossible time accepting it and moving on, the text obsession and text stalking ensues.

That’s the basic overview of text message breakups. Getting dumped by text is akin to getting a back hand slap to the face and hard. Sometimes you deserved it and sometimes you didn’t. It all depends on how much of a jerk you are, and more importantly how much of a jerk you were dating. Chin up, it’s not the end of the world. If you were dumped by text, try to think of it as the mile high club or something like that. An elite club haha. As long as you don’t develop into a stalker, you’ll survive the dumping. If it makes you feel better send in your dumped by text message and we’ll pick your ex apart for you. It’ll be anonymous and give you some sympathy relief therapy, if nothing else.


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