Voice activated text messaging and what it means for Dating

New software on your smart phone will let you send voice-activated text messages from your cell phone. Finally, a way to use your voice on your cell phone to text. So far I have found that men who are prolific daters and tech junkies absolutely love this phone feature! So, what does it mean for that coffee date you went on? It means … more texting addiction! Men who are dating just love texts. It’s sneaky, sexy, convenient, and useful for juggling women particularly when they are doing internet dating. As if we needed more reasons for men not to use the phone!

He can text you on his way home

Iphone and blackberry apps new let you turn your voice into a text. You speak into your phone the message and it converts it into the text message for you to receive. Guys love it! They speak into it and it accurately turns it into a text message which means that they can text you and drive at the same time. If you have a blind coffee date or first date and the man likes you, you may get asked out again on the spot right on the date itself. If he really likes you then you will be double rewarded with a voice activated text message just minutes after the date is over.

If the man asks you out again right on the date, and follows up with a text message then the odds are pretty high you’ll get a second date. If he gets a thrill out of voice activated texting you, let him have his little fun with his smart phone and play along.

Why men love smart phone voice-to-text apps

You might notice that when a man does a voice text, he really is talking on the phone. Progress! The only rub is that he doesn’t have to talk with you, he only has to talk to you. He loves it because he can tell various women, girlfriend, dates, lovers, mother, sister-in-law, etc a bit of information, without having to get sucked into a real conversation. It sort of has the same smoothing effect on a man as a TomTom voice that gives him directions. He can interact with electronics without having to have a two way conversation with a person. Women roll down the window and flag someone down for directions, men use the tom toms. Likewise, men like to quaisi talk by talking a text into the phone without have to actually talk to you. He talks to you, you text back to him.

Why are men so averse to two way conversations these days? Because they are spoiled! The last thing a man wants to do is play girlfriend where he has to listen for an hour all about how much you hate this, that or one of the other women you know. If its a voice activated text, he controls the end of the conversation. It ends, when the text ends, and he doesn’t have to do any extricating. No need for the jaws of life to get him out of a two way conversation.

What to make of it his daily voice text

If you are hooked up with a voice to text techno junkie, it may not be all bad. He’s playing with his electronics, not taking his eyes off the road, and still keeping in touch with you. As long as phone calls and dates are sprinkled amply in between there is nothing wrong with a text addict. It’s when it becomes only text that you have to worry.

One reader wrote in asking what to make of it when a man texts her once a day. I’d say that’s a good sign more than a bad. As long as there are phone calls and dates and plans it’s fine. One a day texts however can lead quickly to boredom. To spruce up his repetitive good morning texts, mix up your responses. Text at odd times and don’t always respond as expected. Sometimes text back, sometimes don’t, sometimes call back when he texts, or text when he calls. Mix it up to avoid becoming a bore to each other. As long as he is staying in contact with you and talking about more than solely intimate flirtation, a voice text loving tech guy can still be a keeper.


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