What it means when you text him/her more than he/she texts you

Are you wondering where your relationship is headed? Text messaging conduct tells you where. It’s instructive to look at your pattern of texting between yourself and your boyfriend (or girlfriend). You may not think it means anything or tells you anything but it really does. If you text your boyfriend more than your boyfriend texts you what it usually means is that you like your boyfriend more than your boyfriend likes you. It’s just simple common law. It may be the case that you are simply more talkative on text. You might be more text inclined so if you want to stretch you could rationalize that you text him more because you just like to text more. But really what is going on is that you like him more.

If you were to save up your inbox and outbox or just look at your mobile carrier phone bill you would be able to see what is going on clearly. Another thing to note is who is doing the most first contact text. In other words who is the one who usually says What’s up first (but thats another blog post). Just the mere volume alone of your texts verses his texts speaks volumes. In fact, if you were to put that into a formula of the ratio of your texts to his, it tells you what his interest level in you is. And the ratio of his texts to yours then shows you the converse of that.

If your relationship with him is really strong and you date, spend time, talk on the phone, know each others friends, and are solidly together, then the text ratio might not matter so much. But if you’re in a dating stage and more into him than he is into you, it’s going to for sure show up in the ratio of texts you send to one another. So the question is what should you do with this information?

Sadly, if you text him more then you might want to back down on your volume of texts and run some experiments. If you start to watch the pattern closely, you’ll notice that if you contact him less, less will happen. You likely won’t see each other as much. If he picks up the slack and starts initiating then that is a good sign. If your contact just decreases and he does nothing, it is not a good indicator.

Use the ratio of your texts to his, and his to yours as a temperature taking of your relationship. If your text thermometer is hot while his is cold then take note. He might be texting and dating other woman and only giving you a sliver of his attention. It’s fine to tell him that it hurts you that he’s not initiating enough with you however if he’s not initiating he’s not initiating and telling him/texting him more may not do much good. You might want to consider leaving the relationship or giving up or getting some other dating action going or focusing on your own single life. If you are getting 1 text back for every 4 he sends then he is 25% into you and 75% into something or somebody else. Sorry.


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