What women are really attracted to in a man

Dating expert David DeAngelo provides men with dating tips. Some of his ideas are actually good for creating attaction yet please men don’t take his logic too far lest you turn into a total cad.

Angelo tells men that spending tons of money on a woman and taking her on expensive dates is not the sole thing that creates attraction in her. In fact, he says that men should consider dating more as romantic interactions with women than spending money on women per se. He claims that to double your dating you have to take on more of a lover persona. You should not have to take women out to an expensive meal twice as much as you used to in order to double your dating results.

Creating attraction

Angelo is somewhat extreme in his viewpoint as he stresses to men that they must not act like a pushover, so much so that it seems to encourage bad boy behavior. His ideas have merit yet don’t take it so far that you are never taking a girl out whatsoever. After all, women love an opportunity to get dressed up, look sexy, and see the town. A woman needs to get some air. She wants to go out sometimes not sit home all of the time. So, I don’t think women would quite agree that you needn’t take her out to make her feel good. Yet, some of Angelo’s basic ideas about creating attraction have merit. It can pay off to always mix a little bit of bad boy in with the obedient provider role. And that bad boy component is what Angelo hits on.

He talks about how women are attracted to a lover. And if you want to be a lover you have to act more like a lover and less like a provider (e.g. provider is providing dates and presents). His theory is that if a woman feels a powerful attraction to a man then she will do anything to be in his presence and a date costing money is not required to make her happy. If she is attracted, then being in your presence is what she desires.

Don’t chase so hard

Angelo talks about how chasing a woman too hard may turn her off. If you take her out on expensive dates ten times in a row, buy her flowers all the time, and call her five times a day and always want to know her whereabouts then she could expect you to continue to do this and then you take on the pure provider role.

Instead, take her out to do more regular things such as run errands or shop. You’ll notice that if she really likes you she does not care so much about the expensive date and she does care more about hanging around you. This can save you a lot of money as well as make her happy. Instead of you being a follower and doing all of the expected dating behaviors, she becomes a follower willing to tag along. And women like men who lead and make them follow!

Does it really work?

Angelo’s ideas about creating attraction definitely have merit. It’s the entire reason that women fall for the so called bad boys who won’t do everything they want them to do. The doormat guy on the other hand, who is there all the time, gets taken for granted. All that being said however, I think deep down women want a little bit of both. They want a man they are attracted to and they also want a man who is capable of acting like a boyfriend.

Angelo’s ideas will likely work for getting more action with women. But once the honeymoon phase is over, women do want a boyfriend over a bad boy. They might chase the bad boy however when it comes to commitment they want the man that will be there, take her out, talk to her on the phone, be faithful, spend time with her, and buy her gifts on Valentine’s day. If a woman is genuinely attracted to you she is not going to get rid of you just because you act like her boyfriend … she is going to want to marry you!

So, take Angelo’s words to heart yet add a grain of salt to it. Don’t be a total doormat chasing the girl down all the time but don‘t act like a total cad either. Switch up the dates and don’t feel obligated to always spend a huge amount of money. When it comes down it, if you like her and she likes you, treat her like a girlfriend. Trust me, that she won’t leave just because you treat her like a princess. Keep that bit of elusive mystery to create spark and sexual tension but chemistry aside, treat her right if you want to be with her.


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