When push comes to shove on text message

One of the ways to recognize that a text relationship is not a real relationship and in many cases is not worth keeping, is to realize what is going on when push comes to shove on text.

Text friendships gives this truly false sense of friendship between two people. It’s a very limited friendship. These are the kind of friendships that are sub friendships or freak mutations of friendships that aren’t fully safe friendships.

I’ll give you examples. Friendships like these are like people who have not talked in 30 years in real life yet email each other all the time on facebook about their problems in life. Or, have never even met but email or instant message every night to flirt. Or, met on the internet, got together, realized it was just a fling and one person decides hey i feel like texting this guy all the time cuz he’s cute and a person to chat with. They aren’t relationships for real. They are limited relationships that might serve some sort of little mental purpose for one or both parties. Maybe you both genuinely like each other for that one little aspect of communication, but you aren’t really friends. You do realize that you really aren’t even friends with that buddy on facebook from high school who in reality you haven’t seen their face in decades. Just because you’re cut from the same cloth and grew up within a thirty mile radius of them, its like still only an electronic friendship ok. That’s it.

So, the point to make is that while these friendships serve pathetic little needy and sometimes even useful purposes, they are not real friendships. So much so, that you can get yourself into real physical danger thinking such a “non” friendship is a real one when it really isn’t. Let’s give an example of how a half there text relationship is not a real relationship.

Person/texter A has kids, that he loves and if one of these kids gets so much as a bug bite or a rash, that child, is going to be taken to the doctor in short order because that’s a parent watching out for their child. Now, lets say that same person A has a text friendship with person B. So, person B says, hey I am going through this minor surgery this week to correct a problem so like keep me company on text message. OK, so they are text friends, so like hey no sweat off anyones back. Good luck with the surgery, keep in touch, say hi when you feel better type of thing. All so normal. So person B goes off gets a minor surgery and happens to have a serious allergic reaction to one of the medications they are given. Unbeknownst to them, they become extremely ill, maybe even near death, and start texting their text buddy A about how they feel lousy.

Text buddy A is busy off on vacation and doesn’t think too much about whiny suspicious texts from person B because heck they just keep in touch with each other via text. Maybe they used to date or just get some small friendship value out of the chat. Well, person B goes into toxic shock and nearly dies from the allergic reaction and the only person they are chatting with is person A who is off on a family vacation somewhere. Now, do you see the situation brewing here? You’ve got a false sense of connection person B feels, a truly false depth of a friendship on the part of one of these texters. Person A is living life and going about business as usual while Person B could be dropping dead in hives. Person A is sipping Starbucks wondering how Person B is doing but not reading too much into the I feel like I am dying texts, and its really not their fault. All it is is a text message after all. There was no discussion about them looking after one another. Person A drinks Starbucks, meanwhile Person B drops dead (not really but you get the notion). A week later texter A wonders what ever happened to texter B. Oops I guess they found someone better to text. Shrug.

The point of this nonsensical illustration is to show you that two people can rely on a text friendship as an emotional crutch for one another but really not realize that they aren’t real friends in real life. Their cyber text relationship is probably totally unequally balanced and by definition dysfunctional because its just text. Some inane text message exchange does not constitute a real friendship like you would have with a child or spouse who if they have a rash or a reaction then you do notice something is wrong and maybe this person needs to get to a doctor. So the point of this article is to understand that these electronic relationships give you a false sense of closeness and friendship that really isn’t real. And while texting may serve a social purpose, at some point a serious health matter or emotional matter could arise and you see just how these relationships fall short, amazingly short, of something real.

So, the next time you feel (erroneously) that you have an emotional connection via a text message friendship or that a text relationship is something heart felt and a deep thing, think twice. This person won’t even know if you are choking to death on a nacho chip. So, understand the relationship for what it is, which is, pretty much, nothing. I’ll write this articles and many more like it so that you can start to recognize that your text message relationship is seriously lacking in true relationship constitution, and this is exactly what is going to make you wake up and smell the utter silliness of text addiction and take some steps to cure it.

It might mean, cutting this useless text friendship or relationship or flirty cyber text relationship clean out of your life. Or, it might mean, cutting this person off until they manage to realize that you really do mean more to them than just a text message. So, whether they decide to flush themselves out of the text message closet or disappear into the text messaging sunset remains to be seen. But at a certain point, you want a friend that is cognizant of whether you are choking on that nacho or not. That, will help you quit texting them. When push comes to shove, either they care, or they don’t. And until you chop the text relationship off at the neck you really won’t know the truth from the lies. If you almost died and your texting buddy had no clue, write your story in because we sure want to hear it. If you help one person quit a useless text relationship you’ll be doing a good deed.


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