When your friends tire of your text obsession

Do you think I should text him? How long should I wait? Listen to this text I sent, do you think it was mean or made him mad? What would you think if you got this text message (and then you read it to them)?

Usually when you are text obsessed, you are spending allot of time (too much time in fact) thinking about the person you text. You might notice something, which is that you talk to your friends about it too. This is a clear warning sign that you have an obsessive texting problem. You may be obsessed with the person in general, and your buddies are sick of hearing about it.

If you are constantly talking to your friends about your texting of a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend, then your text obsession has leaked out of the realm of two way communications and is now leaking into your communications with your real friends.

So, ask you friend. Do you think I am obsessing about texting this person too much? They will undoubtedly say yes. They get sick of hearing about your texts, texts this and texts that. They start to wonder, why doesn’t she or he just go get a life and stop texting this person and stop pestering me about her texts to this person.

Bottom line is that if your friends ears are getting loaded with discussion over the object of your obsession and whether you should text him or call him or whatever, then consider yourself obsessed. As hard as it is, you are going to have to back off and try and focus on other aspects of your life. Take a break from texting, and stop torturing your friends about it too.


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