Why do so many women go for jerks?

Why do so many women go for jerks?  Here are a few of the reasons that women fall for the bad boy.  Unfortunately women who are naive cannot be expected to have impeccable judgement.  Women who know better and still go for jerks, tend to have low self-esteem.  Women sometimes fall prey to jerks because of the excitement.  Sadly a relationship with a jerk is bound to eventually turn sour.  If you choose a jerk over a nice guy or staying single, you will finish last.  Jerks quickly turn from being handsome hunks to life time wasters.

Jerks are romantic at first

Jerks are skilled at romance. They have been with many different woman and have experience seducing women. At first, they can seem like genuine guys that are truly interested in you. They say and do all the right things and know what buttons to push to sweep you off your feet. When you are with a jerk you might feel the relationship intensely and quickly fall in love. Jerks are exiting, impulsive, and thrill seekers. When it comes to the art of seduction they know just what to say to get your caution thrown to the wind. If you don’t know what a jerk is you should see the movie Temptation. The bad boy was able to slowly seduce a married woman and cause her grave harm as she fell in love with him even leaving her husband.

Jerks are smooth liars

Jerks are skilled liars. They can lie pathologically and like to embellish themselves, their skills, and their careers. A nice guy might tell you if you look bad or have gained weight or are acting like you have PMS. A jerk on the other hand, can flatter you and get you eating out of the palm of your hand.  That is how jerks talk women into loaning them money, doing them favors, accepting their cheating, and having unprotected sex. They know how to tell women what they want to hear, in order to get her to do what they want. They know how to be hot and cold so that a woman turns into the pursuer. They also know how to create insecurity which often gets mistaken for strong attraction.

A jerk is cavalier about lying. He will lie to your face with no qualms or remorse. Jerks often have other women they are with as well. When confronted about the other women they will deny, deny, deny. A jerk will tell you there is no-one when in he has spent time with his no-one that very same day.   He lies to suit his needs at that moment in time.  When his lies finally catch up to him he simple discards you and moves on to someone new.

Jerks are sexy

Jerks are sexy. They usually have something going on with their looks that has led them to have great confidence. Maybe they are gorgeous, rich, seductive, or well endowed. They usually have something that sets them apart and makes them incredibly attractive. They have charismatic personality traits as well. A jerk can be an intense lover as he may have had plenty of experience with women. Pleasing a women is a means to controlling a women so jerks tend to become very proficient intense lovers. They know how to get a woman hormonally addicted through sex and they also know how to string women along by offering then withholding intimacy.

Women delude themselves

Some women delude themselves into thinking that they will be the one to tame this jerk. They want to be the exception to the rule. Usually this attitude is folly because as the jerk treats her poorly she devotes herself to being that one woman who can tolerate it and still be there for him. He may have cheated on his ex-wife and dozens of other women from the Internet. But she deludes herself into thinking she can become his everlasting love. This is rarely the case. She usually becomes just another casualty in his long line of conquests.

The problem with jerks is that they are well aware of the law of abundance. They don’t see one woman as particularly special. She is a replaceable commodity. Therefore being with a jerk means that you will spend most of your time walking on eggshells. You will feel less and less special as you know that he can easily replace you with someone fresh and new. If you take a jerk away from another woman it can be a big ego boost. Chances are though, that in the future some other woman will take that jerk away from you. If a man is a jerk look no further than his past to preduct his future behavior.

Jerks are a challenge

Women enjoy a challenge so it they meet a player and think he is the one, they will literally make it their goal in life to get the guy. This can often involve lowering her standards and accepting poor treatment in order to hang on to him. This can involve her sacrificing her self-respect and taking him back after he cheats. The challenge of figuring him out can be enjoyable at first and lead to intense sexual chemistry and passion.

After a while though, the challenge just becomes one big time waster and the woman often is so addicted at that point she fails to realize she is getting played. This might be the woman that continues to persevere over the younger man she thinks should settle down with her. In his mind, she is an older woman with whom he is only having an affair. The woman can spend years twisted up over a guy that has no intention of ever settling down with her. She might lose her child-bearing years and the chance to have children as she spends years obsessing over a yo-yo guy.

Taming a jerk usually does not work and the sad thing is that this goal of getting him can waste an incredible amount of time. If you spend years chasing a jerk you are more likely to wind up bitter when you get dropped for the newest thing. You can’t get time back so if you waste time on a man that never commits the damage will be done. Dealing with a partners lying, cheating and rationalizations for his unwillingness to commit is emotionally exhausting. The challenge winds up being a colossal waste of your precious time.

Women who have been hurt by jerks are often left reeling when the man they hung onto for years never getting a commitment, goes off and actually commits to a new woman!  This leaves a little lesson that women should understand.  If time wears on and he doesn’t commit, don’t expect anything magical to happen that will change his mind.  If he is interested in commitment you will see him acting that way from the get-go and staying that way over time.   Don’t let things drag on or you may become shocked and dismayed with he turns around and commits to someone new. 

One last thing is that women wonder what the new woman had to offer.  Sometimes it is something that can’t be competed with.  She might offer him proximity, job security, financial perks, trophy looks, a more compatable lifestyle, or any other number of things.  But suffice it to say if she gets him to commit its because there was something in it for the jerk.  Even if she gets the guy like you never had him, it is the same guy.  Eventually he will treat her much in the same way you got treated because that is who he is.  Don’t let the good behavior or the fact that she had something more valuable to offer fool you.  She is still, with a jerk.


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