Why Guys Don’t Text

Thousands of women sit patiently by their cell phone willing it to ring or beep about an incoming text. The truth is, that once men pass that first stage of being all lovey-dovey, they don’t always pick up the phone the way they used to. Frustrated, women find themselves doing the texting and calling. Since the long phone calls that lasted for hours on end are officially a thing of the past, at least we could show him that he is still on our mind. So we text.

You have to finally figure it out that you really should not initiate contact whether it be via a text message or a phone call. Even if you are bored to tears it will get him thinking. He will be the one looking at his phone wondering why he hasn’t heard from her lately. It’s reverse psychology for sure, but it works. The less you text and call him, the higher his interest level in you will naturally be. Men love curiosity, new things, changes, they love to pursue and they love mysteries. They go after things they can’t control.

So what do you do if the situation is that you never, ever hear from him at all? Well you should probably move on and forget about him. If you can’t, then just be sure to limit your texts and calls to be once in a blue moon. So rare, that he will still call and text you more than before. It is a basic instinct feature in men. If he feels you coming on too strong he will automatically vie for more space. This in turn, causes the woman to want to cling on more which only perpetuates his turn off.

Wanting more Space

If you find yourself in a situation where the man you thought you loved and he at least liked you back is asking for more space, look at your own behavior. Often times, you really are contacting him to much. Are you texting him eight times a day? Calling him and leaving messages? Hounding him on face book and other social networking sites? Are you calling him to say good morning, good bye, have a nice day or wishing him good night? If so, it is too much. In many cases a man that wants more space from a woman is actually being smothered by her. Give him all the space he desires while meanwhile running your own sweet life and keeping eyes peeled for new dating possibilities.

Try to bond with female friends or sit home if need be, or just take care of other business in your life. The better you are at detaching from him the more he will strive to be in your company. Keep him on his toes and don’t be totally dependent. Don’t start persevering by asking him the same thing over and over and over. These are traits that men despise. If you find a man that just doesn’t call when he used to then it’s time to start calling and texting him less and less. Pretty soon he will have no other choice but to call you. Either that, or disappear off the face of the Earth and trust me if he never contacts you and isn’t interested then the farther away from your life he is the better off you are.


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